The President-elect reveals the whole women team for the White House communications

The President-elect reveals the whole women team for the White House communications
The President-elect Joe Biden, Source: Web

On Sunday, Joe Biden (the President-elect) and Kamala Harris (the Vice President-elect) revealed the whole female senior communication team of the White House, including Jen Psaki, an ex- communications director of White House, as a press secretary.

In a statement, Joe Biden described that he is proud to declare today the 1st senior White House communications group encompassed all of the women. He continued that these experienced, qualified communicators bring various perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to structure this nation back better.

 Kate Bedingfield, who acted as deputy campaign manager and also campaign’s communication director, is going to be the communication director of the White House.

Pili Tobar, who acted as the communications director for coalitions in the Biden campaign, is going to be the deputy communications director of the White House. Moreover, a senior adviser on the campaign, Karine Jean-Pierre, who served as chief of staff to the Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, will be the principal deputy press secretary.

Who will serve as First Lady’s communications director?

Another senior adviser, Symone Sanders, will serve as the chief spokesperson and also senior adviser to Kamala Harris. Joe Biden campaign’s senior adviser, Elizabeth Alexander, will assist as communications director for Jill Biden, the first lady.

Biden declares the whole women team for White House communications
Biden declared the White House communications team,
Source: Web

Above mentioned, seven ladies will fill some of the most important roles in the incoming Biden administration. Furthermore, the Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who had created the history as the United States’ first lady vice president, explained the freshly declared team as talented, experienced, and barrier-shattering.

In a statement, Kamala Harris described that their country is dealing with unprecedented difficulties, from the pandemic COVID-19 to the economically adverse condition, to the climate difficulties, and long-overdue reckoning due to racial injustice. Besides this, she continued that to manage these difficulties, they need to communicate honestly, clearly, and transparently with the people of America, and this talented, barrier-shattering, and experienced team will assist them in doing that.

Harris added that these communications professionals express their commitment to organizing the White House that reflects the best of their nation.