Autonomous robotaxis are ready to take off in China

Autonomous robotaxis are ready to take off in China
Self-driving vehicles taking off in China, Source: Web

In the modern era, the whole world has been looking for completely autonomous vehicles, and one Chinese automaker firm just reached even closer to making it a reality.

An Alibaba-supported startup, AutoX, declared on Thursday that it had introduced completely driverless vehicles on public paths in Shenzhen. Moreover, the firm described that it had become the 1st player in the country to do that, accomplishing a significant industry milestone.

Formerly, firms working autonomous vehicles on public roads in China were forced by strict warnings, which enforce them to have a safety driver in the car.

This was a different program, and it said that AutoX company has fully removed any remote operators and the backup driver for its local fleet of twenty-five vehicles. Furthermore, the Chinese government is not restricting the firm where it operates, but the firm described that they are concentrating on the downtown region.

Autonomous vehicles are ready to take off in China
Bunch of autonomous robotaxis,
Source: Web

Video clip showed U-turn of the autonomous vehicle

Besides this, AutoX shared a footage of its vehicle, the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica, directing its own in the city’s downtown region, demonstrating travelers getting in, loading the whole package in the backseat. The video also shows the vehicle navigating itself around loading-trucks, turning past pedestrians, and also performing a U-turn.

In an interview, Jianxiong Xiao (AutoX CEO) said that it is a dream and after operating so hard for a couple of years, they have, at last, found the point that the technology is mature enough, that they feel confident by themselves, to really erase the safety driver.

Jianxiong Xiao continued that the firm got victory over controllers after functioning to improve both its hardware and software. He added that they have over a hundred cars driving every day on the road in the country to attain data. The Artificial Intelligence software is better now.

He explained that from a technical view point, the vehicle is ready, and it is very important to have this vehicle, otherwise, they can’t go driverless.

The firm was introduced in 2016 by Jianxiong Xiao, an ex-assistant lecturer at Princeton who still appreciates being called Professor X. Moreover, the company located in Shenzhen that focuses on manufacturing the technology that moves toward self-driving vehicles and partners with primary auto-manufacturer (Fiat Chrysler) to make and to manage its robotaxis.