Apple reveals new Mac lineup having in-house silicon chips

Apple uncovers new Mac series having in-house M1 chips
Apple came up with new Mac series equipped M1 chips, Source: Web

On Tuesday, leading tech giant Apple came up with a new series of Macs, its first powered by processors manufactured in-house.

In June, the company first teased the new chips in its Worldwide Developers Conference with Tim Cook (CEO), describing that it would project its first computers manufactured by them till the end of the year and finish the complete transition within 2 years.

 Apple’s first made Mac chip, which is based on A-series chips that the company has been using in iPads and iPhones for years, is known as M1. Moreover, Tim Cook labeled it as by far the most powerful chip that they have ever made. Plus, Apple uncovered 3 new devices powered by the M1 chips.

MacBook Air

The company used its new M1 chips to rebuild one of its most globally popular laptops. Apple’s new thirteen-inch MacBook Air was its first laptop that the company unveiled powered by the most powerful M1 chip, which the firm claims will make it three and half times faster than its earlier models, also up to 3 times faster than a windows laptop.

MacBook Pro

On Tuesday, Apple declared that the M1 chip will now power the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro and also increasing its performance regarding speed. Moreover, several other qualities equipped by the new M1 chip include faster playback for 8k video and even enhanced machine learning features.

Apple reveals new Mac lineup having in-house silicon chips
Apple latest Mac lineup,
Source: Web

Mac Mini

The last one in the new computers that are supposed to be powered by an in-home M1 chip is the company’s compact desktop computer, also known as Mac mini.

Apple’s 699 dollars desktop system, enabled with USB-C ports that permit it to attach with a display of your choosing, provides an advanced performance to people who like to operate on big monitors and require their computers to perform more heavy lifting than a normal laptop can.

Experts gave a hint that the action to its in-house chips will provide its users and the company many advantages, which adding enhanced performance and improved battery life. Since the company already used its in-house M1 chips in the iPad and iPhone, bringing that feature to its Mac series will offer Apple more control over user experience and updates and permit apps to operate more flawlessly between the devices.

The company described on Tuesday that its laptops powered by in-house M1 chips and operating the company’s new Big Sur working system can integrate improved with other devices of the company, allowing iPad and iPhone apps to be used on the Mac.