A YouTuber gamer raised over $1.7 million for coronavirus victims

A YouTuber gamer raised over $1.7 million for coronavirus relief program

A gamer on YouTube raised around $660,000 for the novel coronavirus relief program in just twelve hours on Tuesday, World Health Day. He used the hashtag HopeFromHome live stream took together influencers, gamers, entertainers, and other creators across the social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to back three worldwide charities for COVID-19 victims.

A London-based Irish YouTube creator, Seán McLoughlin, and the man behind the Jacksepticeye YouTube channel was the top organizer at YouTube to organize the event on the platform. Furthermore, his around twelve-hour live stream on Tuesday raised about $659,000 alone, near about forty percent of the total fundraised globally. In an Instagram post, McLoughlin writes after the end of his stream that words can’t express how crazy the day.

According to a 1st April news release from United Way Worldwide, they facilitated the donations by fundraising medium Tiltify, and they split the donations equally in the three charity programs, such as United Way Worldwide, Comic Relief the United States Red Nose Day and the UN Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Michael Wasserman, the CEO of Tiltify, stated on Wednesday that the online community inspired everyone by joining hands for #HopeFromHome. People across the world see the highest numbers of exceptional online donations in just twelve hours.

Funds will use for financial and social services

All three participating charities program long-established that the received funds from the YouTube gamer will use for financial and social services to support helpless individuals during the deadly global outbreak. The United Nations Foundation said in a separate statement that they would share some of they received funds with the World Health Organization to assist in developing a vaccine for the coronavirus.

A YouTuber gamer raised over $1.7 million for coronavirus victims

Elizabeth Cousens, the CEO and President of the United Nations Foundation, said that as the World Health Organization leads the worldwide fight to combat COVID-19, therefore, they need them to succeed the battle. To see online societies small & large in a flow of assurance to raise donations for that work is extremely gratifying. Seán, along with his several collaborators, paved a unique way for people – some of whom never donated before – to contribute something bigger that will eventually benefit the whole world.

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