Vice News released footages that showed moments after officers attacked Breonna Taylor’s house

Vice News released footages regarding Breonna Taylor killing
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The new video clip of the body camera attained by Vice News allegedly describes what happened on the 13th of March when Louisville Metro Police attacked the house of Breonna Taylor (who was killed).

 One of the video clips shows a police officer, which Vice News recognizes that he was Brett Hankison (a former Detective), who entered into the house of Taylor after firings and ask about shell casings that were on the ground. Moreover, he was soon told by another anonymous police officer that he should ‘back out’ and wait until the Public Integrity Unit of LMPD arrives. Besides this, Brett Hankison’s lawyer refused to comment on the footage.

Former Detective charged with 3 felony wanton endangerments

There is no police officer who was involved in the March 13 incident was charged for the actual killing of Breonna Taylor. Last week, Daniel Cameron, state Attorney General, said that a grand panel instead leveled 3 charges of crime wanton endangerment against Brett Hankison. Furthermore, the state attorney general says that the charges linked to Brett Hankison purportedly shooting blindly via the window and door, and bullets entering the next adjacent apartment where a man, a pregnant woman, and a child were home.

Vice News releases body camera video that purports to show moments after officers raided Breonna Taylor's
Breonna Taylor was killed by police officer,
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On Monday, Brett Hankison appealed not criminal to the counts. In the second video, which Vice News describes was an instant boyfriend of Breonna Taylor (Kenneth Walker) was taken into custody, an anonymous police officer shouted directions to go backward and to put his hand ‘in the air and get on his knees’ and police officer threatened him to let his service dog loose if Kenneth Walker doesn’t obey.

Steve Romines, Kenneth Walker’s lawyer, said that he has seen the video clip as part of his representation to Kenneth Walker and declared its authenticity.

In the start, the grand panel of Jefferson County mentioned Kenneth Walker on charges for attempting the killing of an officer. Moreover, Rob Eggert, Kenneth Walker’s defense lawyer, submitted a motion to have the accusation dismissed, and also alleging the grand jury had gotten the misinformation by prosecutors.

The Commonwealth’s lawyer for Jefferson County, Thomas Wine, terminated the charges. He described that he didn’t agree that the grand panel had been misinformed when Kenneth Walker was accused, but he said that he agreed that it was significant for the grand jury to hear directly from Walker before proceeding.