The reaction of WNBA players to Breonna Taylor settlement

The reaction of WNBA players to Breonna Taylor settlement
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WNBA (Women National Basketball Association) players are consistently repeating their calls for those officers who have killed Breonna Taylor to be taken into custody after listening to the news of the historic deal between the city of Louisville and the family.

On Tuesday, the season which is going to start its playoffs and devoted the 2020 series to Breonna Taylor. Moreover, the ‘Say Her Name’ movement to increase awareness for Black females targeted by police violence.

 The whole series, in Bradenton, Florida, Women National Basketball Association players have worn warmup-shirts with the caption ’Black Lives Matter’ printed on the front side and another line printed on the back which is ‘Say Her Name’ and Taylor’s name on their shirts.

On Tuesday, it was declared that Louisville city had decided to pay twelve million dollars to Taylor’s family and organization sweeping police reforms in a deal of the wrongful death lawsuit of the family.

Angel McCoughtry of the Las Vegas Aces described to news reporters ‘That’s it?’ After this, she said that you know they deserve millions, but firstly that is not a lot of millions. Secondly, why those officers were not arrested, and what else do we need to do? And what else do females need to see?

Thinking of WNBA players to Breonna Taylor settlement
WNBA players response to the settlement,
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Did they charge the cops?

As Brittney Sykes (player of No. 3 seed Los Angeles Sparks) was asked about what she felt about the news on the deal, she quickly answered that ‘they charge the cops?’

When Brittney Sykes was told no then she said, ‘then that is her reaction. She added that she means yeah, money is a cool thing but did they charge the cops? And they did not, so their job is not done.

However, Sparks Parker said that the deal is just a step. She continued that but this is not what their goal was. And clearly, they wear the name of Breonna Taylor on the backside of their shirts, but those shirts demonstrate many other women that have been facing police brutality. She said she thinks as a mother, no amount of cash could take that away. So, she doesn’t think that does anything.

Similar idea shared by Breanna Stewart of the Seattle Storm and she says her initial reaction is clear; it is the first step in the right direction and she believes that making a deal isn’t justice. She continued that money is not taking justice for Breonna Taylor and now there is a need to be arrested.