American embassy in Chengdu officially closed in response to Houston’s closure

U.S embassy in Chengdu shut down in response to Houston's closure
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On Monday morning, the American consulate in the Chinese city (Chengdu) officially shut down due to the severe relations between the United States and China.

The U.S. waving flag over the building was lowered, reported by Chinese state-run media known as CCTV, and viewers were removed back by police surrounded the consulate when it set to close.

 On Friday, China directed the United States consulate to shut in response to their action, when the United States directed China’s embassy in Houston, Texas, to halt operations, saying that it had been involved in the American-wide Chinese spying efforts.

The Beijing government responded the same way to Americans to shut in 72 hours their Chengdu consulate when china had been given last week in Houston.

On Monday, in a statement, Foreign Affairs’ Ministry of China, said that the Chengdu embassy shut down at 10 am. Moreover, a statement published on Weibo (Chinese social media platform), said that relevant Beijing authorities then entered from the primary entrance and took over.

American embassy in Chengdu officially closed in response to Houston's closure
A women waving a flag in front of American Embassy in Chengdu, Source: Web

Chinese took selfies and waved flag outside the consulate

Hundreds of Chinese people, over a weekend, had combined in front of the United States embassy in the city of 16.5 million population, clicking pictures and waving their flags.

The United States insignia, on Saturday, was lowered down, and on Sunday, elimination of work started on a plaque in front of the consulate, and delivery containers were fully loaded onto trucks and personnel set the embassy to be shut down.

The capital city of China’s southwest Sichuan province, Chengdu, was a significant diplomatic spot for the United States, and acquiring a big swath of China which even includes the controversial Tibetan Autonomous area.

On Monday morning, a footage was uploaded to Twitter by the United States Mission in China featured pictures of the Chengdu embassy being unlocked in 1985 by George Bush (then-Vice President), before listing the regions acquired by the diplomatic mission like Tibet.

The mission officially posted on twitter that today, they bid farewell to the United States Embassy General in Chengdu, they will miss them forever.

Besides this, the Foreign Ministry of China said that the closure of their consulate in Houston as an unprecedented escalation of currently going tensions between these two nations.

 In a statement, the Foreign Ministry of China said that the current condition between the U.S. and China is something that China wasn’t looking for, and the responsibility rests completely with the U.S.