United States Announces $800M in Security Support for Ukraine

Biden told Zelenskyy that America was sending Ukrainian people & forces an additional 800M dollars in military and security aid.

United States Announces $800M in Security Support for Ukraine

On Wednesday, the United States President told Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, who suddenly emerged as a convincing war leader, that America was sending Ukrainian people and forces an additional 800M dollars in military and security aid. It appears as American officials caution about a possible complex and bloody new phase in the continuing brutal war, concentrated on Ukraine’s East, as Moscow pulls out its forces from the area around Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

In a statement after a midday phone-call with Mr. Zelenskyy, President Biden said that the security aid package, which brings the sum total of Ukraine military assistance since Putin-led troops invaded on 24th February to over USD 2.5 Bn, includes artillery systems and rounds, Unmanned Surface Vessels, and armored personnel carrier (APC).

In addition, the U.S. leader had authorized the transfer of more helicopters, saying military equipment provided to Kyiv has been critical as it confronts Russia’s all-out incursion. He also said in a written declaration that they couldn’t rest now, as he assured Ukraine’s national hero and President, Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the US people would keep on standing with the brave and courageous Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and survival against the Russian military.

What is included in the latest $800M security package?

According to the Pentagon announcement, the United States is sending Ukraine eleven Mi-17 helicopters (NATO reporting name: Hip), AeroVironment Switchblade 300, eighteen 115mm Howitzers, and PPEs to guard against chemical weapon attacks. Additionally, the new weaponry package contains two hundred M113 fully tracked APCs, five hundred Javelin anti-tank missiles, ten counter-battery radars, and thirty thousand sets of military body armor and tactical helmets.

The latest batch of security aid package approved by the White House also includes forty thousand artillery rounds. John Kirby, the Pentagon Press Secretary, said that the 800M dollars security package was envisioned to meet the urgent needs of Ukrainian forces for today’s war as the Putin-led military shifts the focus of their attack to Ukraine’s South and East.

Furthermore, he said that the arms would commence being sent to Kyiv ASAP, noticing that former security aid had been transferred in surprisingly 4-5 days after security aids were authorized. This was the first time Howitzers – generally a large ranged weapon between a cannon – have been provided to Ukrainian forces by America.

United States Announces $800M in Security Support for Ukraine
United States Announces $800M in Security Support for Ukraine
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The latest Support package will be funded using PDA (Presidential Drawdown Authority), in which the United States President can approve the defense articles & services of the Pentagon without Approval from the US governing body, Congress, in retort to an emergency.

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