Trump Poisoned Democracy with his Big Lie

Former President Donald Trump poisoned American democracy

Former President Trump Poisoned Democracy with his Big Lie
Donald Trump, Source: Web

On Monday, Donald Trump (former American President) announced that he will start to use the term ‘the big lie,’ which is usually used by his opponents to define his untrue election fraud claims, to refer to the 2020 presidential election results, an indication he has no schemes or ideas to tone down his rhetoric when one of the social media platforms adjudicate his suspension.

In a declaration directed via Save America PAC (his political action committee), Donald Trump wrongly blasted his loss in November 2020 as ‘the fraudulent 2020 election’ and described that it will be from this day forth, called THE BIG LIE.

As Donald Trump has ramped his return to the spotlight, this time again, he has turned very spoken about his baseless fraud claims, placing out statement after statement in the previous days about an Arizona election audit several viewers have labeled dubious.

Representative Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., the number three ranking House Republican and a vocal opponent of former President Donald Trump, angry on social media platform Twitter that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen. He added that anyone who claims it was spreading ‘THE BIG LIE’ and poisoning their democratic system.

Former President Trump Poisoned Democracy with his Big Lie
Former President Trump Poisoned Democracy with his Big Lie,
Source: Web

How will Facebook handle the case of Trump’s suspended account?

However, the latest development appears when Facebook declared on Monday that it would plan the fate of Donald Trump’s FB account, which was blocked when his supporters ruined the Capitol building on 6 January about his fraud claims.

The former President said that he is better without having social media accounts, especially Twitter, mentioning his press release more elegant than his tweets and saying that Twitter had turned completely boring even when he tried to tag a news network in the previous statement.

After the 2020 presidential election day, former President Trump started wrongly claiming success, using the time it took to total mail-in votes as a window of opportunity. Moreover, Trump has rejected to accept Joe Biden as President.

On 6 January, the former President described to pro-Trump supporters in front of the White House that they will never give up and they will never concede. Furthermore, seventy percent of Republicans thought that Joe Biden didn’t get enough votes to be an American president.