Temper Tesla Cybertruck color with fire

Temper Tesla Cybertruck color with fire
Tesla Cybertruck, Source: Web

Tesla, an American electric vehicle firm, is going to lead in the electric vehicle world. The Tesla Cybertruck is an emerging and hot model of the current era, possibly in many ways than one.

The Cyberstruck is going to be made from stainless steel, and the pickup endures much difficulty while painting. Moreover, Elon Musk has described that silver color can be made available than other colors, with the help of vinyl wraps, but there must be another path. Stainless steel is very tough to paint.

Tesla Cybertruck color can be changed by tempering it with fire
Tesla CyberTruck,
Source: Web

Twitter follower came up with the fact

However, there was a twitter follower who came up with the question that the color of the stainless steel can be altered by tempering color with fire.

 it alters the viscosity of the iron oxide on the external surface of the steel, which causes an effect known as thin-film interference that can change the color such as a rainbow of blues, purples, browns, and yellows depending on the temperature variation.

This process has never been applied on the series production vehicle, and that is hard to develop a uniform color with but Elon Musk told that the effect would be reachable with the specific 304 L stainless steel mixture that will be used for Tesla Cybertruck and even the Starship skyrocket being made by SpaceX.

Elon Musk hasn’t assured that Tesla would give a choice, but he did describe that he will go with Blue Steel color.

The automaker firm, Tesla, was founded in July 2003 by engineers Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. Furthermore, the name of the company is a tribute to its electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. Besides this, Elon Musk, who is currently working as CEO of the firm and previously served as chairman. The primary aim of the automaker firm is to provide electric vehicles at an affordable price.