President to handle gun violence with executive orders on ghost weapons

Joe Biden imposes ban on ghost guns

President to handle gun violence with executive orders on ghost weapons
President Joe Biden, Source: Web

The current administration of Joe Biden has come up with many executive orders to avoid and control gun violence in the United States, after the mass shootings in Boulder and Atlanta. The Biden administration also mentions a gun control advocate and former federal agency, David Chipman, to handle the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Explosives, and Firearms.

The moves also add an order that the justice department, in the coming month, release proposed policies on ghost guns (unregistered weapons) that can be made from parts.

President Biden will also order the justice department to briefly clarify the policies to make sure that guns fitted with stabilizing braces, which significantly change them into rifles, will be controlled under the National Firearms law. Guns that are not expensive and less difficult to carry within the state lines, whereas rifles are more regulated. Moreover, the suspect of the Boulder incident used a gun fitted with the brace that works and seems like a rifle. He made use of the same ammunition as the infamous AR15, but according to the current constitution, the ammunition is not regulated like a rifle.

President orders justice department to make red flag laws

Furthermore, Joe Biden will even ask different agencies to put more resources into gun violence restriction policies and ask the justice department to make model ‘red flag’ constitutions, which permits family persons to appeal courts to get gun away from people who have the potential to create risk for states. Many American states, including Colorado, had already imposed red flag constitutions on the books.

President to handle gun violence with executive orders on ghost weapons
President to handle gun violence with executive orders on ghost weapons,
Source: Web

American officials described that these new policies and restrictions are only a beginning of an initiative and that the Biden administration will boost Democrats in Congress to approve more weapon control laws and also consider other executive orders to decrease weapon violence across the United States.

President Joe Biden, who had been previously head of steering then-President Obama’s gun violence restriction struggles, vowed determined changes during the 2020 presidential campaigns. Furthermore, he promised to enact a law demanding background checks for all gun trading and block online gun sales and purchases, and also block the production and sale of guns and high-capacity magazines.

Besides this, weapon control attorneys were sad at those at Joe Biden’s lack of immediate, early move while taking office, but they greeted President’s Wednesday declaration. Gabby Giffords, the former representative, said that President Joe Biden vowed to take action on weapon violence in his starting first hundred days in the office, and now he delivers.