The White House to impose restrictions on account of gun violence

The White House to impose restrictions on account of gun violence
President Joe Biden, Source: Web

The White House is on the way to manage gun violence after two mass shootings that stunned the nation in the previous few days. Joe Biden stressed to take action abruptly and handle weapon control legislation approved in the House of Representatives.

On Wednesday, during a press conference, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, described to CBS News that there are current negotiations in the House regarding taking executive orders on weapon control.

She said that executive orders are, of course, a crucial level that every president has at their disposal. She continued that there are current negotiations and analysis internally of what actions can be taken that have been ongoing for many weeks, even before 2 freshly happened mishaps. Moreover, she added that President Biden was not waiting for anything to fail.

Psaki didn’t precisely explain what the executive orders could require, but she said that the Biden administration would require to handle access to weapons as well as community violence.

Eighteen people killed in recent incidents

A total of eighteen causalities happened in the 2 mass shootings within a couple of days, in Boulder and Atlanta.

On Monday, ten Americans were killed at a supermarket, just 6 days after 8 people were murdered in three mass shootings at Atlanta area spas.

The White House to impose restrictions on account of gun violence
The White House to impose restrictions on account of gun violence,
Source: Web

President Joe Biden has several choices for executive actions, for example, closing the sights that permit unauthorized weapon dealers to sell a gun without execution of background check.

In an interview with CBS News, the founder of gun control advocacy group (Moms Demand Action), Shannon Watts, said that there is not a corner of the Joe Biden administration or the Justice Department that could not be performing anything at this time to handle the gun violence crisis in this nation.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden invoked the Senate to abruptly vote on the 2 House-approved legislations. One of the bills set background check requirements for weapon sales between private parties and importer or manufacturer. Moreover, another bill would halt the Charleston loophole, which permits some weapon sales to go through before background-checks are done.

On Tuesday, President Biden said that this isn’t and shouldn’t be a partisan problem, and this is an American issue.