New COVID-19 U.K. variant spreads faster than the previous one   

New COVID-19 U.K. variant spreads faster than the previous one   
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Health regulators have described an extremely contagious COVID-19 variant first found in the United Kingdom that could be the main stress in the United States by March.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) has threatened about quickly growing variant of Coronavirus in the upcoming weeks. Moreover, it explained that a surge could further create danger for a medical sector that already has been immensely disturbed by a winter spike.

The threat arrived on Friday when Joe Biden, the President-elect, unfolded an ambitious strategy to boost the vaccination process. Joe Biden explained his administration will follow a highly effective role in distributing the Coronavirus vaccines, and he targets to provide a hundred million American people with vaccine jabs during his first hundred days as President.

Biden to set up new vaccination centers

Biden highlighted the strategy to create new mass vaccination medical centers, hires more health employees, and confirm the vaccine jab is available for everybody, even for those minority communities that have severely been attacked by the pandemic Coronavirus.

The data from the officials suggested that 12.2 million vaccine shots have been administered in the United States, and the number is criticized by Joe Biden as insufficient. Besides this, above thirty million vaccine jabs have been delivered to American states.

New COVID-19 U.K. variant spreads faster than the previous one   
New strains are more deadly than previous one,
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On Friday, during a speech, President-elect Joe Biden described the American people that they remain in a very dark winter and admit that things will get more severe before we get better.

On 20 January, Joe Biden, who enters into office, described about the vaccination drive that this is going to be one of the most-difficult operational struggles ever undertaken by their country.

Biden’s speech arrived a day after when he declared a 1.9 trillion dollar incentive package for demolished United States economy that added more 20 billion dollars for the vaccine roll-out, and this strategy will require to approve by Congress.

United States of America confirmed the maximum figure of COVID patients (23.5 million) while compared to any country in the world. Coronavirus outbreak had badly hit the State of California, where COVID deaths have passed by above 1,000 percent since November.

A fresh study by PHE (Public Health England) describes the new variant of Coronavirus leading in most of Britain. The new variant of the virus is 30 to 50 percent more transmissible than the earlier one. However, the medical experts have been threatening that the vaccines might not be effective against the new variant of the virus.