NATO Allies will also Leave Afghanistan with America

NATO allies also withdrawing their troops with the United States

NATO Allies will also Leave Afghanistan with America
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Other foreign militaries under the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) will take out from Afghanistan in collaboration with the United States’ withdrawal of its troops by 11 September, NATO members decided on Wednesday. NATO members promised to mirror American strategy to begin withdrawing militaries on 1 May after 2 decades of war.

Nearly seven thousand non-American troops from basically NATO nations, also from New Zeeland, Georgia, and Australia, outnumber 2,500 American soldiers in Afghanistan, but still depend on the United States air support, leadership, and planning for their training mission.

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary-General, saying, together with Antony Blinken (US Secretary of States) and Lloyd Austin (US Defense Secretary), explained that the decision was difficult.

Stoltenberg described in a news conference that this isn’t an easy decision, and it involves risks. He continued that for many months, people face a dilemma because the alternative to leaving in an arranged fashion is to be prepared for a long period, flexible military commitment with potentially further NATO soldiers.

NATO Allies will also Leave Afghanistan with America
NATO Allies will also Leave Afghanistan with America,
Source: Web

Biden to withdraw American troops

On Wednesday, in Washington, President Joe Biden delivered a speech declaring the American troops removal, saying that it is time to eliminate the forever war.

Resolute Support, an essential part of NATO’s present mission, is to prepare and train security forces fighting with the Taliban, which was thrown out by an American attack in 2001.

With non-American soldier numbers hitting as high as 40,000 in 2008, Australia, Europe, and Canada have moved in collaboration with America in a mission, even offering long-term Support to remake Afghanistan instead of Taliban-led violence and widespread corruption in the nation.

Stoltenberg described that this isn’t the end of their relationship with Afghanistan but rather the opening of the new chapter. He added that NATO members will continue to stand with the Afghanis, but it’s now for the Afghan community to make a sustainable peace that ends violence.

Bulgaria and Germany were two of the thirty-six nations that participated in Resolute Support to immediately declare strategies.

A German spokesperson said that Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and President Joe Biden negotiated in a phone call the NATO troops’ existence in Afghanistan and decided to collaborate with each other regarding future steps.