South Korea and America intensely concerned about North Korea’s nuclear program

America and South Korea to work together to denuclearization of North Korea

South Korea and America intensely concerned about North Korea's nuclear program
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On Friday, American President Joe Biden explained that he and Moon Jae-in (South Korean President) are still intensely worried about the affairs with North Korea. He further declared that he would push a novel special ambassador to the territory to refocus on emphasizing Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program.

At the same time, the South Korean President greeted the United States’ return to the world stage and described that both American and South Korean leaders vowed in their joint conference to operate carefully and closely toward their aim off denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

In a joint news meeting with the South Korean President, President Joe Biden said that he was pushing Sung Kim (a career diplomat who had previously served as an envoy to South Korea) to serve as the superior ambassador to the region. Moreover, Moon Jae-in described the action by the American President shows the solid commitment of America for exploring diplomacy and its willingness for dialogue with North Korea.

Inoculation of 550,000 servicemen of South Korea

Joe Biden even declared that America would inoculate 550,000 servicemen of South Korea who served American forces on the peninsula. It appears as the first pledge by the current administration of President Joe Biden for what it decides to do with around eighty million COVID vaccine shots it intends to distribute across the world in the upcoming six weeks.

South Korea and America intensely concerned about North Korea's nuclear program
South Korea and America intensely concerned about North Korea’s nuclear program.
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President Biden has explained that he believes in using locally manufactured Coronavirus vaccines as a modern-day (arsenal of democracy), a reflection of American struggles to arm coalition in World War 2. Meanwhile, the White House has promised not to connect policy conditions to nations getting the coronavirus vaccine doses after the global virus vaccine negotiation turns hot.

Moon visited the United States

South Korean President visited the United States to find diplomatic urgency by America on controlling the nuclear program of North Korea, even when the United States indicated that the country is longer observing the matter. Furthermore, both even negotiated coordination on climate change, virus vaccine distribution, and the region’s security concerns mounted by Beijing.

Their summit was just President Biden’s 2nd meeting with a foreign leader amid pandemic Coronavirus. Besides this, Joe Biden’s first session was with Yoshihide Suga (Japanese Prime Minister).

South Korean President explained that he and the American President negotiated like old friends and stressed the demand for cooperation on regional security concerns. He further detailed that the most crucial common task that their two nations must undertake is accomplishing complete denuclearization and enduring peace on the Korean Peninsula.