Joe Biden administration to move forward on Iran’s matter

Joe Biden administration to move forward on Iran's matter
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Late Thursday, the White House declared that it is willing to have a conversation with Iran in the presence of other involved allies to the 2015 agreement governing Tehran’s nuclear program, setting up a way to resolve one of the thorniest matters facing President Biden.

On Thursday afternoon, in a statement, Ned Price (spokesperson of the State Department) said that America would approve an invitation from the European Union High Representative to join the meeting of the P5+1 and Iran to discuss a diplomatic way forward on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Ned Price mentioned the five primary allies of the United Nations Security Council, including Germany, the primary ally to the agreement brokered by Barack Obama administration that President Trump solely disrupted.

Diplomats admired the 2015 deal

The news broke hours after Antony Blinken (Secretary of State) had an online meeting with other members from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Moreover, the four main representatives made a combined statement in which they praised the 2015 agreement (officially known as JCPOA), a significant achievement of material diplomacy.

Joe Biden administration to move forward on Iran's matter
Joe Biden administration to move forward on Iran’s matter,
Source: Web

Later, they called on Tehran to stop its provocative nuclear activities, which pointed at a higher amount of uranium that they referred to as ‘no credible civil justification’ but rather show a crucial step in the development of a nuclear weapon.

The statement emphasized how the Joe Biden administration plots to go forward in dealing with Tehran’s matter, after the Donald Trump administration’s extreme pressure’ campaign that had proved economical, unyielding diplomatic, and at times military penalties against Iran. Furthermore, it is ambiguous whether the United States will simply try to return to the same deal or seek discussions to determine a new deal.

The joint announcement stated that secretary Blinken repeated that as Joe Biden has described that if Tehran undergoes strict compliance with its pledges under the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), the U.S. will do the same and is prepared to engage in negotiations with Iran toward that end.

John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesperson, described that he would not read into the manner in which they are going about this as some kind of policy derivative.

The Donald Trump administration stepped away from the agreement because it said it did not govern Tehran’s other malign activity, for example, its support of proxy militias and terrorists in current conflicts in Yemen, Iraq, and elsewhere.