America eager to negotiate with Iran to revive nuclear agreement

America eager to negotiate with Iran to revive nuclear agreement
President Joe Biden, Source: Web

On Thursday, America has shown its interest to talk to the Islamic Republic of Iran about both countries’ retrieval of the 2015 pact that intended to avert Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. The United States sought to activate the agreement that it had already abandoned around three years ago.

The action showed the change in the United States administration, with Antony Blinken (the U.S. Secretary of State) pumping President Biden’s position that America would revive the deal formally that referred JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in case if the Islamic Republic of Iran underwent into the full-fledged agreement.

Iran casually reacted to the idea

Tehran, the capital of Iran, responded casually to that matter pushed by Antony Blinken in the digital conference with the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and Britain met in Paris.

A combined statement came from the four countries that said that if Tehran comes back into strict obedience with its commitments under the JCPOA, America will do the same and is ready to engage in negotiations with Iran toward the end.

Tehran started breaking the agreement in 2019, around a year after Donald Trump pulled out and reimposed American economic sanctions.

America eager to negotiate with Iran to revive nuclear agreement
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif,
Source: Web

An American regulator described to a media agency, Reuters, that the United States would react positively to any E.U. (European Union) request to negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the six main nuclear powers (China, Germany, Britain, Russia, the United States, and France) who discussed the original accord.

After the senior regulator from European Union circulated the idea of convening such negotiations, the official described to Reuters that we are ready to reveal if such a summit was to occur.

Reacting to a statement pushed by four countries, Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iranian Foreign Minister) said that the United States should make the opening move. Zarif came to Twitter, wrote that instead of sophistry and putting the burden on Iran, E3/EU must abide by their own commitments and demand an end to Donald Trump’s legacy of economic terrorism against Iran.

He added that our remedial measures are a reaction to US/E3 violations. Zarif said, remove the cause if you fear the effect, and we will follow the action with action. Furthermore, he already indicated a start to negotiations with Washington and the other groups regarding reviving the accord.