It’s a ‘Badge of Honor’ for the United States to get highest cases, Trump says

It's a 'Badge of Honor' for the United States to get highest cases, Trump says

Donald Trump, the United States President, has claimed that it’s a badge of honor for the United States that it acquired the world’s biggest number of confirmed Coronavirus cases.

At the White House meeting, President Trump said that he looks at that as, in a particular respect, as being an admirable thing because it means our testing way is much better than others.

Above 1.5 million COVID-19 infections are reported in the United States and thus far, above 92,000 deaths, data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

On the other hand, in Russia, around 300,00 COVID-19 cases reported.

First cabinet conference of President Trump

President Trump was conducting his first cabinet conference on Monday since the epidemic rose in the United States.

While talking to news reporters, he said, by the way, you know when you say that we are leading in cases, the only reason for this, because we have conducted more testing than other nations. US topping world Coronavirus cases is 'badge of honour' 1

He added that so when we have so many cases, I don’t see at this as a bad thing, I look at this as a respect, as being an admirable thing because it means that we did much testing and our testing is much better.

He continued that, so I look at that as a badge of honor, and it is really a badge of honor. Moreover, it’s a significant tribute to all the testing and all the work that so many medical professionals have done this.

United States President was answering a question that is about whether Trump was imposing a travel restriction on Latin America and Brazil in particular. That nation currently holds the third-highest number of COVID-19 patients, following by Russia and the United States.

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) criticized the comment of the Republican President, and it tweeted that around 1.5 million Coronavirus patients in America are showing that the entire failure of the management.

At that point, the United States has directed maximum testing than any other territory, and it isn’t the first in the world on per capita base, with respect to Our World in Data, which is a scientific publication that is located at Oxford University.

United States conducted 300,000 to 400,000 testing daily

The United States of America has been arranging around 300,000 to 400,000 COVID-19 cases on daily bases, reported by the COVID Tracking Project, which is the volunteer struggle.

The United States’ number of testing per day is criticized by both directions of the aisle.

Last week, at a Senate listening, a Republican named Mitt Romney criticized the nation’s COVID-19 testing record by saying that it was not a big deal to celebrate whatsoever. He continued that because we treaded water in Feb in Mar.


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