Electoral College declares the victory of Joe Biden

Electoral College declares the victory of Joe Biden
The President-elect Joe Biden, Source: Web

On Monday, Joe Biden (the President-elect) stated, hours after when the Electoral College made Biden’s success over Trump, that the rule of law, their Constitution and the wish of their American people succeeded over President Trump’s baseless struggles to undo the election results.

Joe Biden described that the flame of democracy was lit in this country a long time ago and they now know nothing, not even COVID-19 pandemic or an abuse of power, can quench that flame.

On Monday night, during a speech in Delaware, the President-elect launched the highly direct and full defense of his success yet, and the toughest blame of President Trump’s flailing struggles to alter the truth.

Joe Biden classified the failures of President Trump campaign along with his partners in the state and state legislatures and federal courts, and recounts that have no significantly made changes in the number of votes. Moreover, he stated those struggles by President Trump and his allies to enforce courts to change the election outcomes, and said that it is so extreme, and they have never seen it before.

Biden praised Supreme Court in his speech

The President-elect explained that thankfully, a unanimous Supreme Court quickly and thoroughly discarded this effort. Furthermore, his speech arose after the Electoral College had cast 232 votes for President Trump and 306 votes for Joe Biden, which turning into Joe Biden’s success. in the upcoming month, these votes will be delivered to Congress to be counted officially.

Electoral College declares the victory of Joe Biden
Electoral College affirms Joe Biden’s success,
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Biden said that in this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed. He continued that we the people voted and faith in our institutions held and the integrity of our elections remained unbreakable. The President-elect added that it’s a time to turn the page, to heal and to unite.

Biden also criticized President Trump and Republicans who have tried to spoil the democratic procedure in such a way he never had it before.

Every effort made by Trump and his partners were discarded clearly in federal courts and in states. He said that none of this could avert baseless allegations about the validity of the election results.

Biden’s hardest sentences for President Trump and Republican members, including 126 members of Congress and seventeen state attorney general who supported a baseless Texas claim struggling to change other states’ election results.