Dubai’s 2020 Expo delayed a year due to COVID-19

Dubai's 2020 Expo delayed a year due to COVID-19

United Arab Emirates– Dubai’s 2020 Expo should be delayed for one year due to the novel Coronavirus, local organizers described on Monday that sheikdom has fixed billion dollars bet to restore its weak economy.

The alternative decision would be made by Paris Bureau International des Expositions that had presented the fair in 2014 to skyscraper studded city.  Moreover, that has helped the important real-estate market of Dubai and administration, expecting more tourists and visitors to the town.

Nowadays, all international flights are grounded, including Dubai, amid the Coronavirus epidemic. Dubai’s flights are ceased, which in turn increases the pressure. On the other side, a real-estate business was already facing problems, and it has been going down since the announcement of 2014.

The director of the 2020 Expo, Reem Al-Hashimy, told in a statement that with unity and solidarity they supported the plan of postponement of one year.

Dubai's 2020 Expo got postponed a year due to COVID-19

The secretary-general of the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) organization, Dimitri S.Kerkentzes, quoted the recommendation are welcome according to suitable circumstances.

Bureau and 2020 Expo haven’t quickly answered the request against the comment, The Associated Press reported.

These days, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has crossed 725,000 figure, and 34,000 deaths reported globally. Early this month world’s dominant and major events, including Tokyo Olympics, have been delayed due to the danger of the COVID-19.

Expo 2020 was supposed to be one of the most significant events in Dubai that already consumed seven billion dollars on construction.

In case of postponement, Dubai wouldn’t be able to handle the loss of the cost that was already pushed to make this event occur. Another hand, the pandemic is not getting slow and surrounded by a large number of countries, and thus far, no vaccine discovered to cure the virus.