Perter Daou calls on Biden to withdraw over sexual assault accusations

Perter Daou calls on Biden to withdraw over sexual assault assault

A political activist, Perter Daou, forced Joe Biden, former Vice President, to halt his presidential bid above new developments in the sexual attacks accusations that were placed against him.

Political activist Daou, who was used to work for Clinton during his first presidential bid, considered one of the leading defenders of her in the year of 2016. On Saturday morning, Dauo posted on tweeter and said that Biden should withdraw.

In the tweet, Daou told the new information to support the sexual assault allegation of Tara Reade against former Vice President encourage his stance.

Daou said that credible rape allegations are rejecting, or we have no moral standards.

In 2016, Daou was a primary Clinton promoter, and he also supported once Clinton’s opponent who was Bernie Sanders. Moreover, he added that Democrats or politicians should reset their presidential primary.

Daou said that sanders could resume his campaign, and other earlier candidates could replace Biden and named D-Mass, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Calif, D-Minn, former secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Furthermore, Peter Daou summoned Democrats to adopt stance principle and not support the candidate who was alleged with sexual assault, such as Trump, who faced many sexual assault accusations.

Daou even described in his tweet that we miss all moral authority if we accept two alleged rapists.

Former Vice President’s campaign adamantly rejects accusation of sexual assault.

Sanders’s assistants are demonstrating their rage due to the latest development and after the emerging video from 1993 in which the mother of accuser shows to tell about her accusation on CNN.

Reade, one of the staff member for Joe Biden and she claimed that Biden had sexually assaulted her in 1993, she revealed fine details about the assault while interviewing at Fox News on Friday.

The presidential campaign of Biden has stubbornly refused the Reade’s sexual assault. Although a video is founded as an evidence to demonstrate that she made her rights known at that time for her family. Furthermore, the Democratic National Committee has not shown any reaction to request comment.

On Friday, Biden Campaign referred a media company to a statement that was made by Kate Bedingfield, who is a Deputy Campaign Manager for Biden, in which she told that what is clear about this allegation it is false and this absolutely didn’t happen.