Former Vice President’s campaign adamantly rejects accusation of sexual charge

Former Vice President's campaign adamantly rejects accusation of sexual charge

On Friday, Joe Biden, former Vice President’s campaign stubbornly rejected an allegation of sexual attack leveled by Staffer, former Senate, and claimed that decades ago, the purported incident was false.

Kate Bedingfield, deputy manager of the campaign and communication director for the former Vice President, told in a statement that women have the right to tell their story and news reporters have their responsibility to vet those claims rigorously. She added that we support them to do so because accusations are wrong.

The accusations were leveled in the start of the week by a lady named Tara Reade who was an opponent supporter of Biden’s primary competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who helped the lady and told that in 1993, she was the staff assistant for Biden at the time when he was the Senator.

Sexual assault adamantlyrejected by Biden's compaign

Reade accused Biden before last year at that time when several women have shown and charged Biden for his inappropriate touching to different women. Meanwhile, Reade reported that Biden placed his hand on her shoulders and rubbed fingers up and down on her neck. She added that he was not able to get power on her story apart from a local newspaper article.

In this week, Reade rises and said more graphic account with serious and different details, emerging the accusation to the sexual attack.

The story of Reade first resurfaced in the article in The Intercept, and after this, she gave an interview to Katie Halper, who is a podcast show host. Then she claimed that she was asked by one of the most senior members of Biden’s administration in 1993, to take the gym bag of the Senator to Capitol Building.

Reade continued to Katie Halper and said that he greeted me, remembered my name, and after this we were alone, that was the strangest thing. Moreover, she added that there was no like exchange really, and he had me up against the wall.

She told that at that time she was wearing a business skirt but not wearing the stocking because that was a hot day.

After this, she detailed that incident by saying that his hands were on me and under my clothes, and he went down my business skirt and high up inside it. He used his fingers to penetrate me, and at the same time, he was kissing and saying some things to me.

Reade added that initially, he asked me If I wanted to go anywhere else. She told she pulled him away, he finished doing what he was doing and said to me, come on man, I know you liked me.

She told that she was feeling everything shatter at that time. Reade went on to accuse that Biden saw her and said you are nothing to me.

Reade told that she tried many time to share her story the previous year, but not even one person listened too her. In the end, she added that if people want to understand why women don’t come forward, then here is the live example of why.