China restricted Tripadvisor’s app along with many other American apps

Beijing banned Tripadvisor's app along with several other American apps
China prohibited Tripadvisor's app, Source: Web

Beijing said that it has dragged out Tripadvisor from mobile application stores in China when the Chinese government embarks on a recent bid to clear-out the internet.

On Tuesday, in a statement, the Cyberspace Administration of China described that it had eliminated 105 applications it supposed to be illicit, including one of the biggest travel platforms of the United States.

A significant number of platforms linked to local Chinese companies, and it wasn’t abruptly removed why Tripadvisor, which holds restaurant’s reviews and holiday destinations, was cleared in the restriction. Moreover, the company (Massachusetts-based) didn’t quickly react to a request for comment.

The company’s official website was still reachable until Tuesday afternoon in China. The country’s officials described that the platform they eliminated were the 1st of many that would remove in a broad-ranging clearance of online content that began the previous month.

The campaign will work with the help of Chinese laws

The action is being operated in accordance with many Chinese regulations, and is visioned to remove content involved in illicit activities, including pornography, violence, fraud, obscenity, prostitution, gambling, said Chinese authorities.

China restricted Tripadvisor's app along with many other American apps
Tripadvisor (restaurant’s review company of America),
Source: Web

In a statement, the agency described that the Cyberspace Administration of China will keep strengthening the supervision and inspection of mobile applications’ information services, dispose of illicit mobile apps and app stores, and struggle to make a clear cyberspace.

The internet users of the county have been living behind the so-called Great Firewall for years. Moreover, American social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, have been restricted in China, and both China and America, have facing conflicts over technology.

In the recent history, President Trump’s administration has warned to restrict video application, TikTok, if it is not sold by ByteDance (the parent Chinese company), and that conflict is still under progress.

The country is well known for implementing a tough line on prohibiting online content regardless of the platforms that are homegrown and incredibly popular. Besides this, Chinese regulators allegedly dragged out Toutiao (news aggregation application which was Bytedance’s biggest hit) in 2018, from Android and iOS application stores because of vulgar and pornographic content on its feed.