China and Iran came under 25-year cooperation deal

China and Iran came under 25-year cooperation deal
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On Saturday, the Islamic Republic of Iran and China have made a twenty-five-year cooperation pact to strengthen their long-standing political and economic coalition.

Wang Yi (Chinese Foreign Minister) was cited by Iranian media while describing his Iranian mate Mohammad Javad Zarif that relations between the two nations have now hit the level of strategic partnership, and Beijing seeks to comprehensively improve connections with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He added, ahead of the TV signing ceremony, that their relations with Iran won’t be affected by the current condition, but it will be permanent and strategic. Moreover, Tehran decides independently on its relations with other nations, and is not like some nations that change their position through one phone call.

The agreement is likely to bring Tehran into Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is a several trillion-dollar infrastructure program aimed at the stretch from East Asia to Europe. Furthermore, the deal intends to crucially expand Beijing’s political and economic influence and has ramped up challenges in the U.S.

Beijing has publicly spoken out several times against American sanctions on Tehran and partially contested both nations. Iran has taken it as assistance from China, and Zarif mentioned it as a friend for difficult times.

China and Iran came under 25 year cooperation strategic pact
China and Iran came under 25-year cooperation deal,
Source: Web

China to invest in energy and infrastructure sectors of Iran

Before the official signing of the agreement, Wang Yi met Hassan Rouhani (President of Iran). The accord was likely to encompass Beijing’s investments in infrastructure and energy sectors.

President of Iran has shown gratefulness to China for backing Iran’s position on its 2015 nuclear agreement with the world nuclear powers, in which Iran decided to control its nuclear program in return for the withdrawal of international sanctions.

According to Rouhani’s official website, he said that cooperation between two nations is very crucial for the implementation of the nuclear agreement and the accomplishment of obligations by European nations.

Biden administration eager to revive talks with Iran

Joe Biden, the United States President, founded to revive negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran on the nuclear accord abandoned in 2018 by Donald Trump (former President of the United States). Besides this, Iran wishes the sanctions that Donald Trump applied removed before any talks start again.

Wang described that under the new administration, the United States people want to reconsider their policy and come back to the nuclear agreement, and Beaning admires their action.

In addition, he even pledged that Beijing would send more COVID-19 vaccines to Tehran, the Middle-Eastern nation extremely hit by the pandemic Coronavirus.

Saeed Khatibzadeh (Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson) explained that the deal was a road map for economic and trade, and transportation cooperation, with a special concentration on both nations’ private sectors.