BlackBerry hitting the phone market once again

BlackBerry,once again, hitting the mobile phone market
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Over the past decades, BlackBerry has almost died, but it denies leaving the tech ground. The logo of the BlackBerry phone once again comes on the smartphone, honest to goodness, complete with its popular, physical QWERTY keypad.

 It isn’t a true BB (BlackBerry) phone because it had not been seen in the mobile phone business since 2016. But the important thing to know about the firm is that it has continued to renew the license for its brand to mobile producers for the previous years, and it responded to the call from a new licensee, OnwardMobility, a Texas company.

Most of people don’t have any idea about the OnwardMobility variant of the BlackBerry mobile, but it will go with 5G connectivity and support the Android operating system. The firms described that it would release its first smartphone somewhere in the first half of 2021. Besides this, FIH (Foxconn’s subsidiary) will make the new BlackBerry.

BlackBerry hitting the phone market once again
BlackBerry with physical keyboard,
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Why BlackBerry phones still admired?

In the BlackBerry mobiles, there are two remarkable features that still attract people. The first one is that it offers a physical keyboard, and the second one is its high security. While seeing security-wise, BlackBerry grabbed the first position. Currently, modern technology mobiles, including IOS of Apple, have attained the title of most secure mobile over the previous few decades.

Although it’s a synonymous mobile with security, but it could be in high-demand. Furthermore, a physical keypad doesn’t hurt, and if you are typing long texts such as emails or any long messages, then BlackBerry offers a plain and easier way than typing on glass.

In a statement, CEO of OnwardMobility, Peter Franklin, said that enterprise professionals are ready for 5G mobiles that enable without sacrificing the experience of its users. Moreover, BlackBerry devices got hyped due to their protected communications, data, and privacy.

Nobody thinks the novel BlackBerry mobile will get lead because it has been downgraded to niche status when Apple’s iPhone and Android destroyed its worth.

BlackBerry devices were known as the king of mobile phones in 2012, and even it got above eighty million active people.

In 1996, the firm emerged as Research In Motion, and its devices were known as ‘Two Way Pagers.’ Besides this, the company’s first device (Inter@ctive Pager) permitted users to answer to pages with the help of a physical keyboard. After 3 years, RIM launched the BlackBerry.