Joe Biden’s Re-election Has Been Facing Serious Questions

Despite President Joe Biden's announcement of his reelection campaign, insiders suggest that he may not actually run for W.H. in 2024.

President Biden's Re-election Has Been Facing Serious Questions

Behind the scenes, prominent Democrats and donors are quietly discussing potential replacement presidential candidates, according to news agency reports. Despite President Joe Biden’s announcement of his reelection campaign, insiders suggest that he may not actually run. Sources describe urgent conversations urging potential candidates to prepare for this possibility, as many feel that time is already running out and that the lack of robust campaign activity may indicate a lack of enthusiasm.

There is a criticizing feeling that the President’s closest advisors and a handful of his reelection campaign staff are disregarding as ridiculous. They adamantly claim that he is indeed running for reelection and that they are treating preparations with the utmost importance. Despite this, they cannot help but feel slighted by the constant suspicion of their party’s older, wiser members and the pundits who refuse to take him seriously.

Jim Messina, former president Barack Obama’s campaign manager during his 2012 reelection, has been privately advising Biden’s team to gradually increase their efforts. As the first few months of Biden’s campaign come to a close, Democrats are eager to see how his fundraising efforts have fared. Due by Saturday, this disclosure will serve as a Rorschach test for the party, revealing any anxiety, complaints, or apocalyptic thinking that may have arisen.

Nearly two dozen current aides, donors, and alumni of other recent campaigns have expressed frustration and worry to a news agency. They are concerned about Joe Biden’s slow pace in building out his campaign structure and how his fundraising efforts will compare to Barack Obama’s $86 million raised in the first few months after announcing his reelection campaign in 2011. It is evident that certain things are already apparent: several significant contributors are not committing.

Joe Biden's Re-election Has Been Facing Serious Questions
Joe Biden’s Re-election Has Been Facing Serious Questions
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People Ask If President’s Age Is a Concern

Furthermore, grassroots supporters’ emails occasionally generate only a few thousand dollars. Many believe the upcoming election could be decided by a narrow margin in a few key states. Some questioners worry that if Biden doesn’t maintain a busy campaign schedule, it may indicate to voters that his age is a concern. Others feel that the President and his team are not taking the potential of losing to Trump or another Republican seriously and fear a repeat of the 2016 election night.

A senior member of Biden’s 2020 campaign team shared their concern if Trump wins the upcoming election, people will question what the Biden campaign was doing during the summer of 2023. An anonymous Democratic fundraiser expressed uncertainty about which task is more challenging: getting individuals to concentrate on the campaign or developing enthusiasm about it.

Despite some of Biden’s camp believing that Trump’s lead in GOP primary polls could benefit the President, they are privately worried about the possibility of losing to the former President. The campaign planning is kept private and mainly run from the West Wing, causing delays in decision-making. Biden’s advisers have outlined a strategic plan that considers his vulnerabilities, strengths, and America’s climate leading up to 2024. The President himself has personally met with finalists for senior roles.

There are concerns that starting the campaign too early wouldn’t only waste millions of dollars but also politicize the President. The goal is for him to be seen as a reasonable person who stands up for the middle ground against extremist Republicans. In addition, it would make it difficult for Biden and his Cabinet to travel across the country to discuss infrastructure and “Bidenomics,” which is an attempt to address concerns about the economy. This is currently happening as government events at the expense of taxpayers.