President Biden to return billion dollars to Pentagon for border wall

Biden to return funds to Pentagon

President Biden to return billion of Dollars to Pentagon for border wall
President Joe Biden, Source: Web

An official said that the current administration is going to return Pentagon funds sent by Donald Trump (former president) to make a wall on the America-Mexico border and repair environmental and infrastructure damage that was caused by its construction.

In a declaration, which was initially reported by ABC News, the official explained that the Pentagon will start annulling all wall projects using the diverted funds and take initiatives to return remaining unobligated military structure forms their appropriated purpose.

Jamal Brown, the Pentagon spokesperson, said that those purposes include overseas programs, domestic counterdrug programs, building a school at a base in Kentucky, and buying trucks, generators, and other apparatuses for the National Guard, ships, and fighter jets.

The development arrives as Joe Biden, President of the United States, passed a proclamation shortly while taking office, halting the upcoming resending of money from the Pentagon budget to make the border wall, which had previously been ruled illicit by a federal court last June.

President Biden to return billion of Dollars to Pentagon for border wall
President Biden to return billion of Dollars to Pentagon for border wall,
Source: Web

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) also declared plans to fix holes in flood walls at ameliorate soil erosion in San Diego and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas made by border wall construction, neither of them will involve making more barriers.

$14 billion for the border wall construction

The official further explained that above fourteen billion dollars amount in congressional appropriations the earlier administration of Donald Trump delivered to pay for the construction of border walls.

The Biden administration had taken the bipartisan pressure from legislatures to repair the walls. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, pushed a letter to Joe Biden earlier this month, stressing him not to permit the opposition to a border wall to avert making a levee wall that is important to the people of Rio Grande Valley. Moreover, Representative Vincente Gonzalez, D-Texas, demanded a summit with President Joe Biden to negotiate the matter.

In a statement, Ted Cruz said that he is pleased President Joe Biden and the DHL (Department of Homeland Security) are listening and now moving to support the levee wall system that had been unthoughtfully seized.

Calling on Alejandro Mayorkas (Secretary of Homeland Security) and Lloyd Austin (Secretary of Defense), asked Senator Rick Scott in a statement, ‘how can Joe Biden possibly justify stopping wall construction?’ Furthermore, he called on them to quickly explain Biden’s ridiculous directive, how it is compliant with federal law, and the terrible results it will have on the current crisis.