Biden plans to legalize 11 million undocumented residents

President Joe Biden plans to legalize 11 million Immigrants
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Maria Elena Hernandez lately grasped a flowery case placed in the closet and free it from dust. She used the flowery case to keep her lease agreements, tax returns, and many other files for more than a decade. Moreover, Hernandez, 55, has saved these documents as evidence of her family’s prolonged residence in the U.S.

Maria Elana Hernandez, who came from Mexico with his three kids in 2,000, said that they have been waiting for the day when they can apply for legal status. In her box, she continued, she has all the evidence they will need to apply for the legal status.

She had just come across the strategy of President Joe Biden to create a route to the United States citizenship for around eleven million undocumented residents to maintain the country’s immigration system.

Temporary issuance of legal status to immigrants

The program would permit undocumented residents who were in the U.S. before 1st January to apply for provisional legal status after checking their paying taxes and background. The immigrants would be allowed to join the military, independent work, and travel without any fear of deportation, if they follow the freshly created ‘lawful prospective immigrants’ program. And after this, they would be able to apply for green cards.

Biden plans to legalize 11 million undocumented residents
Biden plans to legalize 11 million immigrants,
Source: Web

President Joe Biden’s plan would be possibly the very ambitious immigration reform approved since 1986, after President Ronald Reagan passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which had offered legal status to around three million immigrants.

A senior person at the Migration Policy Institute, Muzaffar Chishti, described that this is the bravest immigration agenda any administration has pushed forward in generations. He continued that the Democrats have very small majorities in Congress, the administration requires to have its hopes tempered.

A federal judge has temporarily banned Biden’s initiative

In the upcoming difficulties, here is one of the early immigration initiatives of President Biden to impose a 100-day freeze on deportations that was provisionally restricted by a federal judge Tuesday, as a lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general, who stated that his state dealt with massive costs to undocumented people who weren’t deported.

Those immigrants have been living, doing work, and raising their families in the country. Above sixty-percent of immigrants have been in the territory for more than a decade, and they have given birth to around 4 million American-born children.