The President-elect’s intelligence transition panel restricted by Pentagon

The President-elect's intelligence transition panel restricted by Pentagon
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This week, a former senior intelligence official with the knowledge of intelligence transition discussions said that the administration of President Trump prohibited Joe Biden’s (the President-elect) transition team from accessing its counterparts at Pentagon intelligence agencies.

The President-elect’s team still can’t be able to contact with officials from the intelligence agencies of the military in the Defense Department, which add the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency, even though almost all the other summits by Joe Biden review teams look to be occurring well now after a lot of delays.

The Pentagon refused any kind of struggle to restrict Joe Biden’s team. Moreover, one of the senior officers described to a media firm, CNN, that meetings had taken place on Friday regarding transition officials on military affairs, including senior level policy and international security problems, but not on intelligence.

The matter, the President-elect team’s difficulties with the Defense Department transition office, is initially reported by the Washington Post. The matter is headed by a President Trump loyalist linked to spread conspiracy theories about Joe Biden.

The President-elect's intelligence transition panel restricted by Pentagon
Biden’s intelligence transition panel banned by Pentagon,
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The delays appear when the GSA (General Services Administration) showed a green signal on 23rd November for officials at federal agencies across the American government to meet Joe Biden’s Agency Review Teams, crucial to confirming a smooth transfer of power.

In the previous week, the former intelligence official described that the preparations were made for the President-elect’s Agency Review Team to contact with different defense intelligence agencies in this week.

Pentagon declined Biden team’s allegation

Earlier in this week, a statement revealed from the Pentagon that the Joe Biden administration would have no meeting with defense intelligence agencies until his team cited questions in advance and mention the name of those people with whom it wanted to make contact.

At this time, the President-elect team’s appeal would be revised by the general counsel of the Defense Department and Kash Patel, one of Trump’s loyalist selected to lead the transition of Pentagon last month because of Trump’s elimination of civilian headship at the department.

The former official explained that it is a significant FU from the Defense Department to the upcoming intelligence community transition group.

A spokesman of the Defense Department, Sue Gough, declined that there has been any kind of problem with the President-elect team’s capability to contact with intelligence officials at the Pentagon.

In a statement, Sue Gough said that the DOD Agency review Team hasn’t been declined any access, and they continued to operate with the DOD ART to plan all requested interviews, updates, and briefings.