President Biden signs historic $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill into law

President Biden approves historic $1.9 trillion COVID relief law
President Joe Biden, Source: Web

On Thursday afternoon, Joe Biden, the United States President, has approved his long-awaiting 1.9 trillion dollars COVID-19 economic relief bill into the constitution.

In the Oval Office, before approving the law, President Bide said that this historic legislation is about remaking the backbone of this nation and giving Americans in this country, working folks, middle-class people, people who built the nation, a fighting chance. He added that’s what the essence of it is.

On Wednesday, Congress signed the relief package, which has been President Joe Biden’s early and significant legislative priority after stepping into the office since January.

President had initially been likely to approve the package on Friday. Ron Klain (White House chief of staff) described that the enrolled package came at the White House on Wednesday night, so @POTUS is approving it today, and they want to move as quickly as they can.

He continued that they will hold their celebration of the approval on Friday, as decided, with Congressional officials.

In a tweet, Jen Psaki (White House press secretary) explained that because Congress registered the package quickly than they expected, Joe Biden will approve the American Rescue Plan into the constitution today within the hour. Moreover, @VP will meet him in the oval, and Tomorrow they will be having a signing event here #WhiteHouse.

President Biden approves historic $1.9 trillion COVID relief law
President Biden approves historic $1.9 trillion COVID relief law,
Source: Web

Key features of the plan

Main features of the package include up to 1,400 dollars per person stimulus payments that will push money to around ninety-percent of households, a three-hundred dollars federal boost to weekly unemployment benefits, an extension of the kid tax credit of up to 3,600 dollars per kid, and 350 billion dollars in the state.

The plan also includes local aid as well as billions of dollars for k-12 schools to support students to come back to school, to support small businesses that are extremely hit by pandemic Coronavirus, and for COVID-19 vaccine study, distribution and development.

On Thursday’s briefing at the White House, Jen Psaki explained to news reporters that American people will start seeing incentive payments in their bank accounts as quickly as this weekend, moving up the prior timeline the Biden administration decided, saying payment would only start to implement at the end of this month.

Jen Psaki said that this weekend, the payments will start to transfer in the bank accounts for those who have their direct deposit information on hand at the IRS and Treasury.

On incoming Thursday, President Joe Biden will conduct his first prime-time address to the country to mark the 1-year anniversary of the Coronavirus pandemic shutdowns.