Biden advertised COVID progress at the July 4 White House event

The United States is coming back together, said American President Joe Biden at the biggest White House event while touting COVID-19 progress on Sunday.

Biden advertised COVID progress at the July 4 White House event
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On Sunday, when Joe Biden (the U.S. President) and Jill Biden (First Lady) conducted the biggest event in the White House, Biden highlighted the country’s progress against pandemic COVID-19.

In remarks outside the White House, Joe Biden described that today, all across the country, they can say with confidence the United States is coming back together. He added that 245 years ago, they said their independence from a distant king, and today, they are closer than ever to stating their independence from a lethal pandemic Coronavirus. He said America sees the consequences of the unity of purpose.

Americans will see their brightest future

American president explained that they are beating the pandemic Coronavirus; today, they are breathing life into their economy. Biden continued that together, they will rescue their people from division and despair, but together, they must do it. Moreover, in the earlier year, they have lived through some of their darkest days. Biden concluded that now he truly believes, he gives his word as a Joe Biden, he truly believes they are about to see their brightest future. People, this is a special country.

Above 5 months into their supremacy, the pair used the July 4 holiday event as a chance to host people in person, and above a thousand were expected to enjoy celebrations and food for the Fourth on the South Lawn, ending in fireworks.

Biden advertised COVID progress at the July 4 White House event
Biden advertised COVID progress at the July 4 White House event,
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The invited people included military families, crucial employees, a nod of thankfulness to service members. Moreover, the event even consists of those people who forced the nation to not stop during the worst days of the pandemic COVID-19.

Independence Day festivities arrive at a time when federal regulators are threatening about the new variant of the virus, Delta variant, and strengthening on covering the remaining population of America inoculated.

Participants are necessary to get tested for Coronavirus before joining the event

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, explained that the White House asked people ahead of attending on Sunday event, to get a Coronavirus test and cover their face with masks if someone is not completely inoculated.

Psaki described that all participants have acquired guidance that they should be tested for Coronavirus one to three days ahead of the event.  Furthermore, she explained that those who are completely inoculated could obey public health measures, and they are not mandatory to cover their faces with masks.

An official described to a media agency, CNN, that there is some threat about the optics of the event now that the Delta version is spreading and infecting vulnerable people of America.