Armed Atlanta demonstrators, around Rayshard Brooks killing site, officers not permitted here 

Officers are not permitted at the Rayshard Brooks killing site
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On Tuesday night, three persons were waving long guns nearby a restaurant, Wendy, in Atlanta city where Rayshard Brooks was shot when he was taken into custody start of this month, reported by Fox News that police officers were not permitted anymore, to enter in that region.

A person, who described that he was carrying a twelve-gauge shotgun, said to Steve Harrigan, a reporter, that he was armed, but there were no officers present to defend them.

Armed Atlanta demonstrators, around Rayshard Brooks killing site, officers not permitted here 
Source: Web

Another person told briefed that he lost his sureness that police officers of the city were dedicated to their benefit, ‘protect and serve.’

The person with the shotgun told that the police officers are not permitted to come here because they are not here to defend them.

Steve Harrigan said to Sean Hannity of Fox News that he saw a roadblock along with no police signs in sight. On early Wednesday, in a statement, the Atlanta Police Department said to Fox News that APD is tracking the condition and strategies to coordinate with community officials and Wendy’s property holder to talk about security crisis and support preserve a peaceful environment for this community as soon as possible.

A few days ago, the freshest tweet from the department was published and guaranteeing the people that police officers were still able to respond to 911 calls.

Black community is on target, protesters say

The death of Brooks on 12 June caused many violent protests in the Atlanta city that is still reeling from violent protests over George Floyd’s death on 25 March by a police officer in Minneapolis. Furthermore, protesters of Atlanta told that Brooks’ death was another big example of the police department’s brutality, which is pointed to the black community.

Although one police officer of Atlanta was fired and charged with killing and arrested, another police officer was reallocated, and his investigations are pending.

At the same time, on Tuesday afternoon, Atlanta officers had arrested arson suspect, Natalie White, for an accusation of burning the fast food restaurant.

On Twitter, the office of Fulton County Sheriff announced the arrest news after the funeral service of Brooks at Ebenezer Baptist Church of the city.