America to distribute 11 million J&J vaccine shots 

America to distribute 11 million J&J vaccine shots - White House
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On Friday, the White House said that the American government will distribute eleven million Coronavirus vaccine shots of J & J (Johnson & Johnson) in the incoming week in its continued struggle to attain two-hundred million doses in people’s hands in the first hundred days of President Biden’s rule.

The White House’s Coronavirus response coordinator, Jeff Zients, told news reporters that the U.S. is still on the way to operate on its purpose of developing vaccine doses available to all adults by late May.

He continued that Pfizer Pharmaceutical firm and Moderna Inc (leading vaccine manufacturers) believe in hitting their goal of delivering 220 million COVID-19 vaccine doses between them in the earlier quarter of this year.

Last month, Johnson & Johnson had described that it would distribute twenty million vaccine shots of its one-dose vaccination in March. Moreover, the delay is expected in delivery because of main American manufacturing allies, including Catalent company, didn’t quickly get United States regulatory clearance to deliver vaccine shots manufactured in their facilities.

Officials to speed up the vaccinations process

Zients further explained that the United States officials are also operating to quick the process of vaccine shots by ramping up the number of active-duty soldiers helping with inoculations, to above six thousand from 2,900.

America to distribute 11 million J&J vaccine shots - White House
America to distribute 11 million J&J vaccine shots – White House ,
Source: Web

Jeff Zients described that seventy-one percent of adults aged sixty-five and more had gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot as of Friday.

However, the head of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said that she was extremely concerned about the trajectory of Coronavirus infections in the U.S. In the last week, the United States’ 7-day average daily infection count rose seven percent to 57,000 regular cases.

She added that they know from the higher ramp-up that if they do not control things at this stage, there is a real potential for the pandemic curve to surge again.