Dr. Gottlieb says America may never attain full herd immunity against COVID-19

Dr. Gottlieb says America may never attain full herd immunity against COVID-19
Dr. Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, Source: Web

Even though a significant decline in the new COVID-19 cases in America this month is a bright indication he beliefs to continue, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, said that the United States may never attain herd immunity against the pandemic Coronavirus.

On Sunday, in an interview, Dr. Scott Gottlieb described to CBS that he doesn’t really think we are ever going to attain full herd immunity, but he didn’t elaborate on the reason. When he was asked about vaccinating kids, he explained that this is not going to be like smallpox or measles, which just kind of goes away. Moreover, Coronavirus will continue to spread at a lower level.

In December, Dr. Anthony Fauci (the country’s top infectious disease specialist) described that while projections change for how many American people require to get a Coronavirus vaccine or have been already contracted Coronavirus, for the country to acquire herd immunity.

Herd immunity is possible in the U.S. – Researches

Several researches have suggested that herd immunity in America could be possible until May if COVID-19 vaccinations continue to pick up. Furthermore, Dr. Gottlieb explained that he is still hopeful about the immediate future, mentioning that emerging vaccination speed and the fact that a third of the United States had already contracted Coronavirus probably gives sufficient protection to continue to lower the number of new Coronavirus cases, although if the herd does not get full immunity against the Coronavirus.

Dr. Gottlieb says America may never attain full herd immunity against COVID-19
America may never attain full herd immunity against COVID-19,
Source: Web

The recent 7-day average for novel COVID-19 cases had fallen by level 43 percent on Thursday, in only two weeks. Dr. Gottlieb explained that this had taken a tragic toll on the U.S., but he thinks we should be optimistic in his view.

Coronavirus may turn into a seasonal virus

Some of the specialists expect that if the United States never attains complete immunity, Coronavirus could turn into a seasonal disease because reinfection of the virus is very usual.

This month, the number of new coronavirus cases and people already infected in the hospitals started to fall after the United States reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases in January.

John Hopkins University’s data suggested that above 28 million people in America have been contracted Coronavirus.