Winter Storm leads to challenging circumstances for Texans

Winter Storm leads to challenging circumstances for Texans
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On Wednesday, Texas officials have threatened residents about ‘disasters within the disaster’ dangerously cold winter weather that affected millions. The state administration warned people to mentally be prepared for further power shutdowns that probably will last until the weekend.

The state regulators explained that people in more than a hundred Texas counties have been suggested to boil water before drinking because treatment plants are interrupted by power blackouts. Around twelve million residents in Texas have either no water at all or just have water supply by irregular manners.

Officials described that power remains out for 2.7 million homes, and intense cold temperatures are expected to continue through the weekend. Pushing everything back to the regular routine will be a challenging and time-consuming process because Texas state power generating capacity has already dropped forty percent.

Numerous Texas cities, including Houston (the state’s largest city), reported that they don’t have water at all because of frozen taps. Moreover, around 2 dozen deaths have been done on account of dangerously freezing winter storms. The state administration further suggesting that various other people have been targeted by the winter storm, but officials couldn’t find their dead bodies till now.

Winter Storm leads to power and water cuts in Texas
Winter Storm leads to challenging circumstances for Texans,
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Officials warned residents for upcoming 24 hours

Officials described to state residents, on Wednesday evening, that in the most populous areas of the state to be ready for incoming freezing snow and heavy rain in the next twenty-four hours. Furthermore, the frigid temperature put some people to stay in cold and dark homes and some of the people with broken or frozen water pipelines. The state’s medical centers even reported that they have not water supply.

The dominant elected official in Harris County, Justice Lina Hidalgo, said that this is in several ways disasters within the disasters. She continued that the cascading effects aren’t going to go away.

In a news conference, Greg Abbot, Gov. of Texas, said that he expects a nuclear plant in the south side of the state to return online by Wednesday night, which while operating can serve energy to 400,000 households.

A Republican, Greg Abbot, has asked for the management schedule from the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas), an electric utility responsible for more than ninety percent of Texas’ electricity. He added that every source of energy the state has access to has been compromised because of equipment failures or because of the frigid temperatures.

A Texas resident and mother of four children, Laura Nowell, said that her family has been without power since Monday. She asserted that her family is trying to keep warm by sitting in their vehicle and bundling up. Laura said that they have never had this much cold temperature, and there is ice everywhere.