White House thinks to disperse the virus task-force

White House thinks to disperse the Coronavirus task-force

Donald Trump, the United States President, has declared that the White House COVID-19 taskforce would be relaxed, and Mike Pence, the Vice President, proposed that it could be separated within a few weeks.

In Arizona, during a visit to mask making factory, President Trump said that they are bringing their country back.

In the United States, newly confirmed COVID-19 cases per day exceed twenty thousand, and per day death toll increases one thousand.

Moreover, the official of the United States already warned the Coronavirus might spread more severely due to the reopening of businesses. Besides this, America presently holds 1.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, and thus far, death mark rose above seventy thousand, reported by John Hopkins University that is located at Maryland.

President’s statement

During a tour to the factory in Phoenix and after few weeks covered up at the White House, Mr. President said that task force and Mike Pence had done an excellent job, but at that time we are looking at a little bit different form, and that form is related to safety and opening. He continued that we would have another team probably set up for that.

During his visit to the facility, President Trump was wearing safety goggles, but there was no safety mask, and he was asked if that was mission accomplished, then he answered no, not at all. He added, this mission is only accomplished when it is over.

Some of the critics have alleged that Mr. President is going to sacrificing America’s people’s health to restart the United States economy in front of his election in November.

White House thinks to disperse the Coronavirus task-force

On Tuesday, in Arizona, Donald Trump told that Democrats were expecting his COVID-19 plain would fail so they can get success in the election.

Mr. President, while acknowledging a person’s cost to the policy, told news reporters that I am not telling you anything is perfect, will some natives be affected? Yes.

He continued, that will some people severely affected? Yes. Meanwhile, we have to get our territory to reopen. We should have to get it reopen very soon.

After this, President described that it will be totally up to states government to evaluate how they are going to reopen.

Some of the Democrat governors of the states severely hit their states have been more careful and also demanding for more testing and many other protective safeguards before loosening lockdowns. Some states are headed by Republicans in the mid-west and south and have already started lifting lockdown restrictions.