American airstrikes aimed at Taliban as fighting escalates

American airstrikes aimed at Taliban as fighting escalates
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America is acting good on its promise to support the security forces of Afghanistan with military forces even after America and coalition forces continue to leave the country.

On Wednesday, an American official told VOA that the American military actively planted airstrikes against Taliban troops in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, where brutal fighting has stormed for days.

An American official, who talked about the condition of anonymity, rejected to share further details, mentioning the demand for operational security. Moreover, the Pentagon also rejected to provide particulars, although a spokesperson described that there is still quite a bit of strong capability at the disposal of American commanders on the ground.

John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, told news reporters that ‘to the degree, they can, as they transition out, they are going to continue to try to support Afghan security forces in the field.

US Target Talibans with Airstrikes after the escalation of fights
US Target Talibans with Airstrikes after the escalation of fights,
Source: Web

American airstrikes come when Taliban stressed Afghan forces

American attacks appear when Afghan national security forces have felt strong pressure from the Taliban, particularly near Lashkar Gah, Helmand province, where aid teams have stated an important surge in fighting in just the previous few days.

On social media, ‘Doctor Without Borders’ group described that civilians escaping the fighting describe bullets pouring into their homes, enforcing them to run, sometimes without clothing or shoes.

 On Wednesday, one local govt. official while talking to Agence France Presse said that American airstrikes were key to halting the Taliban advance. Furthermore, Atiqullah (the official) said that the bombing was insane. He continued that he has never seen such bombardment in many years.

On Wednesday, officials stated that Taliban troops captured a district Baghlan providence located at the northern side of the nation and killed the police-chief in Paktika province in the southeast.

American defense officials showed confidence in the ability of Afghan forces to resist the Taliban offensive. Furthermore, John Kirby described to news reporters that the Afghan forces are more skilled than they have been in the previous years. He added that they have been in the lead for quite some time.

On Wednesday, Fawad Aman (Ministry of Defense deputy spokesperson) described to VOA news that currently, Afghan National Security & Defense Forces (ANSDF) hundred percent independently plan, control and command, and conduct military operations.

Aman said that there is no physical presence and support of foreign militaries on the battlefields.