United States’ President alleged governors over testing shortfalls

United States' President alleged governors over testing shortfalls

On Saturday, Donald Trump accused governors for not adopting full use of COVID-19 capacity in different states. In response, many Republicans Governors and Democrat said due to a lack of critical supplies to make tests, the process of testing coronavirus is becoming slow.

During a briefing at the white house, President said that they are not using the whole capacity that we have developed. They own tremendous capacity. He added that they know that the Governors know that, and the Democrat Governors know. He also told they are the people who are complaining.

Mr. President had faced criticism because he has fired those Democratic Governors who pressed the federal government in recent days to obtain more help for testing shortages due to the increasing pressure that led to reopening their economies.

This week, White House released 3 parts guidelines, and President Trump commented that some U.S states could join the first phase of the guideline towards reopening in case if they see a consistent reduction in more than two weeks.

According to the calculation of Johns Hopkins University, till Saturday afternoon, there were above 732,000 Coronavirus confirmed cases in the United States, and around 38,600 COVID-19 patients died.

United States' President lashes out at governors over testing shortfalls

Trump even gave a collaborative statement in which he said his administration is operating with the state’s governors to support them open the huge unused testing capacity that is available in their states. He continued that it was totally governors’ fault for not using any of that capacity.

State governors should avail the facility of private lab testing capacity, and they are waiting to deal with governors for their businesses.

Mr. Trump criticizes governors also his own health exports aware of shortages of testing capacity around the country even he committed five million testing swabs on Friday.

Moreover, Mike DeWine of Ohio state and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York have said that both are having shortfall of chemical reagent that is necessary to manage more COVID-19 tests.

Donald Trump also rejected any shortage amid the question that why the United States didn’t carry such protective equipment, including ventilators, because virus risk was much cleared at the end of January and February.

But Mr. Trump turned the blame on rotating cast of character from the administration of Obama in front of media, China, and WHO (World Health Organization), although he praised publicly that the U.S during the serious days the pandemic began spreading in the country.