U.S. doesn’t involve to Venezuelan assault with 2 U.S. men jailed, Trump says

U.S. doesn't involve to Venezuelan assault with 2 U.S. men jailed

On Tuesday, President Trump said that the U.S. had nothing to make with an accused attack into Venezuela that 2 United States natives landed behind the bars in the South American nation.

Mr. President told that he just know about the custody of the pair that were alleged by Venezuela of being mercenaries, and Nicolas Maduro, who is the president of Venezuela, said that they were the part of that mission to murder him that was supported by neighboring United States and Colombia.

In Washington, United States President said to news reporters before leaving from the White House to Arizona that whatever it is, we will let you know. Moreover, he added that it has nothing to do with the United States government.

Major Venezuelan authorities acknowledged that two-person Airan Berry and Luke Denman, both are linked to United States’ special forces soldiers and Silvercorp USA, which is a Florida based private security company. Furthermore, the military record of both of the soldiers demonstrated that both had served in Iraq.

Goudreau was responsible for the operation

Here is a 3rd United States Silvercorp and ex-Green beret known as Jordan Goudreau, who accepted the charge of being responsible for leading Operation Gideon that was projected in which they attempted to land on the beach before dawn on Sunday.

U.S. doesn't involve to Venezuelan assault with 2 U.S. men jailed, Trump says

However, the State Department restated comments of President Trump that the United States didn’t involve, alleging Maduro of projecting a disinformation campaign to divert the attention of the world from the previously happened events and mentioned a jail riot that left dozens severely injured and above forty deaths.

The spokesperson of the State Department told in a statement that when we see the distorting facts, then nothing should be engaged at face value. He continued that what is clear that the previous government is using that event to explain a ramped-up level of repression.

United States officials told that they are striving to get more about those events in which two United States persons’ activities also be judged. Besides this, they even said answers would only bring out in case if Maduro’s government has finished.

In the past, Goudreau has said that the mission was developed to capture but not to murder Maduro. Furthermore, on Tuesday, Goudreau did not show any reaction against many requests to make a comment, reported by The Associated Press.