Trump will make effort to postpone the presidential election, Biden says

Trump will make effort to postpone the presidential election, Biden says

On Thursday, Joe Biden, former Vice President, said that he hopes President Donald Trump will make an effort to postpone the presidential election of November.

According to a pool reporter Biden told at a virtual fundraiser that mark my words, I think Trump is going to kick back election, come with me some rationale why it cannot take place. Moreover, Biden has continuously maintained the November election should not be delayed and even previously made the same comments.

President Trump can’t alter the date of the November election himself because it is clearly written into the law that such moves will be decided collaboratively with Congress and federal stature. But it doesn’t stop some Democrats from worrying that we will make his effort to do so. Voters or supporters had already asked the previous giant field of Democratic presidential candidates in case if they had fears that Mr. President would effort to postpone the election or deny to go from the office in case if the opponent beat him in the November election.

On Friday, the communication director for President Trump campaign, Tim Murtaugh, told in a statement that those are the unclear conspiracy theory ramblings of a lost candidate who is out of contact with reality. He added that Mr. President clears that the presidential election will occur on 3rd November.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis and its widespread have expanded the concerns about the election, such as how the election will take place safely, with new calls voting by mail and enlarge access to voting. Former Vice President told that Congress requires to confirm that all states attain enough funding for expanded voting options throughout the pandemic.

Trump will make effort to delay the presidential election, Biden says
Former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden makes a statement during an event in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., September 24, 2019. REUTERS/Bastiaan Slabbers

Biden suggestion for in-person voting

On Thursday, Biden said that republicans were making efforts to enforce in-person voting no matter the health cost. He added that we have to find out how we are going to implement full, safe, and a fair presidential election in November, voters shouldn’t have to create danger for their lives to cast a vote.

The plan that you had all state governors, and many mayors, Democrats, and Republicans, asking Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) and asking the President, for local support, we need local funding for the matters we are going to do, he said. He continued that he thinks it is mindless that they are unwilling to do it, he doesn’t get it.

The former vice president, Biden, even alleged Trump by saying that Trump is already trying to weaken the election with false and wrong claims of voter fraud.