Trump plans to take revenge on Democrats as they push him for 2nd impeachment trial

Trump to create a third party to take revenge on Democrats
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On Sunday, the Republican partition over former President Donald Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial became crystal clear when Trump spent the first weekend away from the office decided to take revenge against those allies that he labeled betrayer.

Not congratulating Joe Biden’s victory, Donald Trump disclosed the creation of a new party just after four days of his departure from the White House. Some of the senators absorbed it as a threat to keep wavering them in line before the opening of his trial on 8th February.

On Monday evening, Democrats will push a single impeachment article to the Senate for reading. The impeachment claims encouraging pro-Trump supporters of 6th January’s mob at the United States Capitol that killed 5 individuals, including an officer.

The Washington Post announced that Trump spent the whole weekend at Florida’s Mar-a-Lago resort, splitting rounds of golf with negotiations about managing relevance and influence and how to deal with Republicans who have betrayed him.

Trump plans to take revenge on Democrats as they push him for 2nd impeachment trial
Trump to create a third party to take revenge on Democrats,
Source: Web

Trump intends to create a third party

The Washington Post continued that Trump described the initiation of a Make America Great Again (MAGA) or a Patriot Party, which offered him control to avert senators voting against him, and in the future, which could avert him from getting office once again.

Maggie Haberman (the New York Times’ reporter) mentioned sources that were ‘familiar with his thinking’ as she said Donald Trump was threatening to come up with the new party when it was ‘gently pointed out to him’ that in turn ‘threatening the 3rd party while concurrently threatening primaries creates no sense. ‘

Moreover, former President Donald Trump faced criticism by Liz Cheney, Brian Kemp (Georgia’s governor), and a few others who refused to accept untrue election fraud claims or accused Trump of the US Capitol riot.

On Sunday, a few other senior Republicans conflicted over Donald Trump’s trial and the future of the party. The senator of Utah, Mitt Romney, the former presidential contender and violent Donald Trump opponent who was the one and only Republican to impeach Trump at his initial trial in the previous year, described that former President Trump had shown a continuous pattern of trying to interfere presidential elections.

Mitt Romney described to the State of the Union that he ignited the crowd, encouraging them to march on the US Capitol at the time that the Congress was carrying out constitutional responsibility to verify the presidential election.