President Trump slammed on The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump group

President Trump crashed on The Lincoln Project, anti-Trump group

A Republican team that showed resistance and opposes the re-election of President Trump, and they say that it ramped up one million dollars in twenty hours after Mr. Trump crashed them with their new ad getting vision at the dealing of the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Wednesday, the opposing group known as The Lincoln Project said to Fox News that they are going to use the money that pulled in a row to run the spot, which got free attention of the media thus far, on online and broadcast television.

President Trump slammed on The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump group

On Monday, The Lincoln Project group took to twitter and their 1 minute of ad that holds the title ‘Mourning in America’ and even a phrase on the successful ‘Morning in America’ commercial by the President Ronald Reagan’s re-election team in 1984.

Thus far, above sixty thousand Americans got death from the deadly coronavirus that’s ignored by President Trump. While the economy is upset and above, twenty-six Americans are lacking their jobs. And now it’s the worst economy in decades, the narrator says.

Moreover, the narrator alleged that, under the rule of President Donald Trump, our country is poorer, weaker, and sicker. The narrator asks if people have further four years like this, will there be an America?

A few hours later, when the commercial acquired specific attention on different social media sites, Trump took on twitter and fired away after midnight, according to Eastern time.

Those were initial four tweets, but President Trump smashed again at the group on Tuesday, and this time he again called them as RINO losers.

RINO is the aberration of ‘Republican In Name Only.’ But the group’s anti-Trump commercial mainly got attention after the aggressive reaction of President Trump that even helped the group to grow their fund.

Weaver said to media on Wednesday, that twelve hours of stupid angry assault by President Trump that boosted views of the ad ‘Mourning in American’ by millions and encourage thousands of more Americans to contribute to their efforts to expel him. The Lincoln Project group would not be intimated by him and his low traveling allies.

He also added that a United States senator who is the partner of the president would be the next one who is going to be targeted by The Lincoln Project group, but he didn’t tell that which Democrats would be criticized.