President Trump made disgraceful pardons of Blackwater guards – Ilhan Omar

President Trump made disgraceful pardons of Blackwater guards - Ilhan Omar
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On Saturday, Rep. Ilhan Omar declared that President Donald Trump’s pardon of 4 Blackwater guards in the murder of fourteen Iraqi citizens was disgraceful. The progressive squad member, who reached the United States from Somalia as a refugee at the time when she was a kid, tweeted, “In 2007, 4 Blackwater workers opened fire in a crowded intersection in Baghdad, killing fourteen Iraqi civilians.

The tweet continued that, this week, President Trump approved unconditional pardons, and this is a disgrace to their country and to the rule of law. Moreover, the tweet also has a link to an opinion piece that claims that the pardons blur the line between justified wartime murder and killing.

Guards opened fire in a crowded public place

In 2007, 4 men were operating as American State Department workers as they opened fire in a congested traffic circle, killing fourteen Iraqis, which even includes a child. Plus, a further seventeen were injured. The defense prosecutor for men said that they fired back when being trapped by Iraqi rebels.

Nicholas Slatten was declared of 1st-degree murder and punished for life in prison without bail. The lawyer described that he was the 1st to fire without provocation.

Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, and Paul Slough were found guilty of manslaughter in 2014 after having a month-long phase in federal court in Washington. But later on, a White House statement arrives that declaring the 22nd December’s pardon, said that the conclusion acquired widespread public support, and the men also have a long history of National services.

U.S. President made disgraceful pardons of Blackwater guards
President made disgraceful pardons of Blackwater guards – Ilhan Omar,
Source: Web

After President’s decision, he was slammed by many others, including the United Nations Human Rights Office, which criticized in a statement, saying that pardoning them contributes to impunity and even has the effect of encouraging others to commit such bad deeds in the upcoming days.

Rep. Adam Schiff also slammed the pardons as well as those pardons approved to others, including Paul Manafort (Trump campaign chairman). Adam Schiff tweeted, “lie to cover up for the President? You get a pardon. The corrupt politician who endorsed Trump? You will get a pardon. Killing innocent civilians? You get a pardon and Elect and corrupt man as President? You will get a corrupt result.”