Trump approved a blank check to develop a vaccine–‘ Operation Warp Speed’

Trump approved a blank check to develop a vaccine--' Operation Warp Speed'

Donald Trump, the United States President, has given a blank check to Operation Wrap Speed as the group of scientists, private firms, and government administration intends to make a massive quantity of vaccine of dangerous Coronavirus till the start of the next year.

A senior official from the government administration said that the vision that may be impossible to get, is going to get a hundred million vaccine doses till November , two hundred million doses till December, and in the end, three hundred million vaccine doses till the January.

The official told that when President Trump was asked, what you are going to put into it? He answered there is no limit.

On Thursday, President Trump insisted that the government administration didn’t overpromising with its aggressive timeline. He added that whatever you can humanly perform, they are on the way to have it. Moreover, he said that they are going to fast-track it, such as you have never experienced before, if they come up with the COVID-19 vaccine.

While at government level, Mark Esper, Defense Secretary, and Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary are on the way to lead. Furthermore, the director of that project not still selected, but it is expected to be chosen next week, said by the senior government administration’s official.

Who is the head of the project?

On Thursday, Mr. Trump announced officially the head of the project. President Trump said that you know who is the head of the project? Honestly? I am.

The team is abruptly going to develop coronavirus vaccine that would be effective and safe to use.

‘Operation Wrap Speed’ the name was selected by those scientists who are hardly working on it, and also they are super fans of Star Trek and even operating on all the difficulties that surround COVID-19 vaccine deployment. Moreover, they are already operating on solutions to abruptly increase the production, manage distribution and determine who would get the first COVID-19 doss of the vaccine.

On Thursday, United States’ leading expert for infectious disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that you don’t pause until you take an answer before you are going to start production, you are at risk and proactively start developing it and assuming that it is going to work in case if it does work, then you can scale up and going to get to the timeline.

He also added that so we want to get it quickly, but meanwhile, we want to make sure it is effective and safe.