Trump accused media and journalists of deficient U.S. economy

Trump accused media and journalists of deficient U.S. economy

In his five-year war with media, Donald Trump has never taken any such serious charge that he is going to make right now.

He is twisted and adopt that fake news as an ineffaceable slogan and even said that news as “the enemy of people.” He added that some of the dominant journalists are betrayers, and almost all the whole media community members are saying bad things about Trump. Moreover, the matter is deep and going unwell on both sides.

He told in another day tweet that he was taken aback during the coronavirus crisis. Trump said Lame Media Stream is the leading force that is trying to keep their country close as long-lasting as possible. He added those actions would be harmful to his election victory.

While talking to CBS’s Paula Reid, he told that media journalists and other enemies have objected to his hope that institutions, including businesses, could restart by Easter.

Trump accuses media of wanting economy shuttered to damage him

Furthermore, he has written in his last book and raised voice against media defaulters toward the president. Journalists’ main purpose of shutting down the country to damage Trump politically.

Everyone is affected, and it’s the time of our generation’s crisis. Maximum journalists are operating from home, and their children also disconnected form schools. And many of them have laid off and paid their cuts such as BuzzFeed.

Journalistic results are true that Donald Trump would be considered wrong while reopening the schools and business, and the governors handle this type of settlement.

At this time, maybe they are misguided or wrong. And perhaps they are underestimating a significant impact to halt the economy.

In the end, all the people, including conservatives and non-conservatives, journalists and non-journalists, pro-Trumpers and never-Trumpers and even the president, all wish to go back to the normal routine.