The United States just crossed six million COVID-19 cases in seven months

America just hit six million COVID-19 cases in 7 months
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Around seven months ago, there was no confirmed Coronavirus case in the United States. America has just crossed six million confirmed coronavirus cases, which killed more than 183,000 Americans and caused several young people with long term crisis.

There is something good too, the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, Dr. Ashish Jha, said that as a nation, they are clearly performing better now on the ending days of August than they were on the first days of August.

Ashish Jha even said that regular victims of Coronavirus have decreased, and deaths are now decreased too. He continued that this is good news, and it is significant because of smart rules and policies in Arizona, Florida, and Texas around masking and shutting down bars.

The United States just crossed six million COVID-19 cases in seven months
America crossed six million cases of Coronavirus,
Source: Web


Some states are facing worse conditions regarding deaths and number of cases

He added that there are still some parts of the country where both (cases + deaths) things are adverse and even getting more worse. In Kansas and many other US states, they are still facing a lot of COVID-19 cases. As a country, we are still facing a lot of virus cases, there is progress, but we have an extensive way to pass through.

Most of the American people are fed up due to the pandemic crisis, and many of them want to get rid of their guard, especially when people attend gatherings of their family and friends.

Brix described that people know they cannot be perfect everywhere, and people know that they will put this message out about private meetings and somethings will occur, and people will realize they have been in a condition, they have been around other people, and they didn’t cover their faces with masks.

Now, it’s a time to ensure that you are protecting other people in your household and near you by covering faces with masks when you are near them, even if they are your family persons.

Besides this, Brix wants people to adopt personal responsibilities, particularly when they are going to resume economies.

She described that currently, they gain freedom via covering their faces with masks and adopting social distancing measures.

Some of the huge gatherings, including the recent bike rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, are a recall of the hazard of Americans not having such protection, and around 260 Coronavirus cases are linked with those people who joined the rally.