Shooters killed 19 students in brutal attack at Kabul University

Shooters killed 19 students in brutal attack at Kabul University
Nineteen students lost their lives in a brutal Kabul University attack, Source: Web

Afghan officials and witnesses described that shooters destroyed Kabul University by killing many students in the classrooms and even fired on other people when they fled on Monday. Within a week, it was the 2nd deadly attack on an educational institution in the city.

 Afghan authorities said that three of the attackers had killed around nineteen people, including nearby persons and students, before the country’s security services killed the gunmen.

One student tried to escape from the window

Some of the photographs were forwarded by a senior official that demonstrated that students lying on the ground in the classrooms, and a few of them lost their lives in front of their books. Moreover, pictures have shown that one of the students was shot while escaping from the window.

Fathullah Moradi, a witness, described to Reuters that they were shooting at every single student they saw; they also shot at those students who were running away.

Shooters attacked Kabul University brutally killing 19 students
The second fatal attack on Afghani educational institution,
Source: Web

Taliban declined to take responsibility for the attack

The Taliban described that they have not conducted that attack and also added that their fighters weren’t involved in the incident. Furthermore, the attack immediately wasn’t claimed by any other group.

Tariq Arian, the interior ministry spokesperson, said that 19 people were killed and twenty-two injured before the security forces ended the attack.

In a statement, Stefano Pontecorvo (NATO Senior Civilian Rep. to Afghanistan) said that this is the 2nd attack on educational institutions in Kabul; Afghan youth and children need to feel safe while going to school.

A bomb exploded at an education center in Kabul on the 24th of October that had killed twenty-four people, including teenagers. But the responsibility of the suicide bomb attack was taken by Islamic State without giving any evidence.

Violence has distressed Afghanistan, but the Taliban and the government representatives have been conferencing in Qatar to make an effort to stop violence, and America takes its troops back.