What Led To Such A Severe Attack on Israel By Hamas?

A Palestinian armed group, Hamas, launched a massive land, air, and sea attack simultaneously at Israel.

What Led To Such A Severe Attack on Israel By Hamas?

On October 7, a Palestinian armed group, Hamas, launched a massive land, air, and sea attack simultaneously at Israel, and its militants entered the Israeli-controlled regions. Hamas fired thousands of rockets, which killed more than 1,200 Israelis and injured more than 2,000. Militants Kidnapped several Israeli soldiers and citizens and took them hostage. Hamas attacked military facilities and killed more than 120 soldiers, and many were taken hostage near the Gaza Strip. It was a surprising attack for Israel because it became their intelligence and security failure, which they claim to be the world’s best.

According to Hamas leaders, the planning for their attack took more than two years, and it was deeply planned and executed. This attack was of great magnitude and surprised the whole world. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared war against Hamas and launched a counter strike which killed more than 400 Palestinians. Hamas attack was a reaction to years of increasing aggression by Israeli forces, which led to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people suffering. Hamas took more than a hundred Israelis hostage and seems like they would demand a prison swap for several Palestinian politicians captured in Israeli jails.

What Things Fueled To Hamas’ Anger

Experts claim that the Hamas attack and steps taken would not end the game as the United States has announced to support Israel. Israel has already claimed to have killed more than 950 Palestinians, but experts claim that even after a significant loss, the matter has to be resolved by talks. American President Biden sent warships and other military equipment to oppose Hamas militants.

Three main factors resulted in such a severe attack by Hamas militants. First, the Israeli policies that led to the aggression in the West Bank and Jerusalem. This very move triggered a depression among Palestinians and aired the reaction. After these policies, there has been rising tension in the West Bank, where Israeli soldiers had to move away from the South into the North. It gave the Hamas group a justification and a chance for such a massive attack on Israel. These policies were highlighted in recent months, and Palestinians strongly opposed them.

What Led To Such A Severe Attack on Israel By Hamas?
What Led To Such A Severe Attack on Israel By Hamas?
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The second thing that added to Hamas’s concerns is the continuous efforts to normalize relations between Arabs and Israel. There had been good progress in mending the sour relations, and Arabs have become less concerned about Palestinians in recent years. Arab leaders had not raised the matter before the Israeli government as it had to be. If Israel-Arabs were successful in making the deals, then the chances for the resolution of the conflicts would almost be eliminated. Analysts claim that Hamas thought they had insufficient advocacy in the international world. Third, Hamas got some strength after making good relations with Iran, and it had to reconsider its moves against Iran and Syria after the wake of the Arab Spring 2011.

Iran Playing Safe Till Now

Iran had denied its direct involvement in the Hamas attack on October 7 but has declared to support the Militant group. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps general Yahya Rahim Safavi said that they would back the operation and that the resistance front would also support the issue. Sources familiar with the matter claim that Hamas had made relations with the resistance axis, but there were fewer chances of a strong alignment against Israel. For example, Hezbollah has not joined the conflict, and there has been a political tussle inside Lebanon, which is holding it back from joining the fight.

Iran is very conscious and trying not to go into direct conflict with Israel and attempting to avoid further revenge by Israeli forces. Iran is increasing the pressure on the Lebanese border to divert Israel’s attention to play a psychological game.