Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory from Ron Johnson

Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory from Ron Johnson
Senator Ron Johnson, Source: Web

In the previous weeks, Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, has created a position for himself because he is the person who is willing to put forward wild conspiracy theories about the event that happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Previously, Ron Johnson has said that Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) impeached Donald Trump over his misconduct in the Capitol mob as an escape from her own wrongdoing on the same day. But he didn’t actually unfold what Nancy Pelosi did wrong. Last week, he said that he did not think that what took place at the U.S. Capitol was an armed insurrection, despite plenty of evidences show that it was.

Provocateurs seeded to turn the mob violent

In the first public senate hearing on the U.S. Capitol attack, Ron Johnson joined it as a single eyewitness, pointing out that there were professional provocateurs planted in the mob that ultimately turned a peaceful crowd into a violent one.

Ron Johnson reads a piece from J. Michael Waller (who worked at the Center for Security Policy), which is printed on January 14 in The Federalist.

Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory from Ron Johnson
Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory from Ron Johnson,
Source: Web

Michael Waller said that a small number of cadres arrived to use the cover of a massive gathering to stage its attack, arguing that these provocateurs were not Donald Trump followers and they were basically accountable for creating the violence at the Capitol building.

Waller described that what happened at the Capitol, saying that the mob represented a wide cross-section of American people, most of them working-class by their manner of speech and appearance, some of them stood out. Moreover, very few Americans did not share the jovial, friendly, earnest behavior of the great gathering.

He continued that among them, twentysomething youngers were covering their heads with new MAGA or Trump hats, usually with the shade in the back, demonstrating no enthusiasm and either seeing at the ground, angry, or holding cell phones with outstretched arms to shoot videos of as many faces in the gathering as possible.

Michael Waller, in the same piece, said that the United States Capitol Police desperately overreacted to the mob, which turned the whole gathering into violence. He added that agents-provocateurs put thousands of innocent Trump supporters in physical danger. Furthermore, they tried to shut exits for people seeking to get rid of tear gas. The people, include the frail, children, and the elderly.