Ransomware Attack Halted Huge Gasoline Pipeline in East Coast

Gasoline pipeline shut downs due to ransomware attack

Ransomware Attack Halted Huge Gasoline Pipeline in East Coast
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In a statement, the Colonial Pipeline (which pushes around half of the East Coast’s gasoline) described that it has closed its network overnight because of the ransomware attack, in the recent instance of hacking troublesome an American firm’s working.

Late Friday, the cyberattack has affected the IT systems of the Colonial Pipeline, and the firm describes that it is struggling to reduce the damage by proactively halting its more than five thousand miles of pipelines, which contain kerosene, jet fuel, and gasoline from Texas state to the NY (New York) region.

On Saturday afternoon, the Colonial Pipeline has confirmed that this occurrence involves ransomware, an approach through which hackers warn to create danger and damage a target in some way unless money is made.

However, the firm has hired a private cybersecurity firm and invoked law enforcement to establish its own inquiry into the attack. Moreover, the company is still operating to reinstate its service. The company didn’t respond quickly when asked when it is going to resume its work.

Ransomware Attack Halted Huge Gasoline Pipeline in East Coast
Ransomware Attack Halted Huge Gasoline Pipeline in East Coast,
Source: Web

The company’s main focus is the efficient and safe restoration of services

In a statement, the company described that at this time, their main concentration is the efficient and safe restoration of their service and their efforts to return to normal working.

Hundred million gallons is a big number that the Colonial Pipeline describes it transfers per day, accounting for around forty-five percent of all fuel consumed on the East Coast. Furthermore, a private firm, Colonial Pipeline’s biggest owner, at 28.1 percent as of last year, is the KCI (Koch Capital Investments), which is managed by the powerful Kock family.

The roots of the cyberattack are still ambiguous, but the closure appears when the U.S. faces a progressive threat of cyberattacks. In the previous year, a bunch of supposed Russian hackers broke the American govt. agencies and private companies aim at SolarWinds (IT company), which is considered one of the acute cyberattacks in history.

Moreover, Russian intelligence officers have been alleged of conducting a hacking campaign in 2017 against industries all across the world, which caused nearly ten billion dollars in damage, and firms like cybersecurity company, FireEye have fallen target to one-off hacks.

A section of Colonial Pipeline’s network halted in 2016 for many weeks due to leakage and blast in Alabama, which caused gasoline supply cuts and price mounted in the South. The firm paid above three million dollars in fines to the Alabama state.